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The mother of all topics. The staple in most outfits. The creme de la creme of fashion. Jeans. I
have tried to write about this topic at least three other times and each time, I feel like I don’t
have what it takes, so I delete everything, because I only have two “go to” brands... But, today,
I’m going for it. No, not because I think that jeans are the creme de la creme of fashion, but
because all I DO is wear jeans, so that should give me credibility enough, right?! Right!?
Fingers crossed that you’ll think that while you read this.

I fancy myself as a jeans and t-shirts gal. I’m simplistic, but honestly, it’s my go to. It’s what I’m
most comfortable in. I’ve come a long way in my jean game. When I was little, I’d wear
carpenter jeans from The Gap or Old Navy. I’d wear black corduroys from The Limited Too, and
I even had a pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls, to name a few pairs. I know, I know, I was really
styling. I rocked all these with a chunky body, fluffy hair, and braces!

As I got older, I noticed that none of the pants that I mentioned previously were in anymore and
in addition to that, I was getting taller and lengthening out my chunky, pubescent self. I began
to rock those Silver jeans. The ones that were long and super flared at the bottom so I could
wear my slip on clogs with them. But the Silvers that I was buying had the longest crotch.
Remember? The zipper was like 1/2 mile long, so in came the low waisted jeans:
Abercrombie&Fitch, American Eagle, and Lucky Brand.

While my legs quickly outgrew normal sized Abercrombie&Fitch and American Eagle jeans
(00,0,2,4,6...), I began focusing solely on Lucky since I needed a longer inseam. The Lucky’s
were expensive, going for a little over $100 dollars a pair and I was lucky to get a couple of
pairs during the school year to rotate in with my old Silver jeans with the long crotch. But, when
I wore my Lucky’s, I started to realize, that jeans that have a price tag are WELL WORTH it.
They wear well, they hold up their value and would outlast any Silver pair/Abercrombie&Fitch
and American Eagle, I already had. In my neck of the woods, Lucky’s were at The Buckle, so
naturally, I started seeing their Rock Revival jeans. You know the ones that were dark, but had
that double white stitch throughout and a ‘party’ on the pockets? (talk about beads, stitching
and more on those buttocks). I only had one pair of those, because my taste is extremely
understated...many would say ‘boring’, but I’m okay with it.

As the stitching on jeans got brighter, whiter, doubled and tripled; I felt like I needed to get
back to basics, so I began seeking out more jeans. I just wanted something that would fit well,
not break the bank, and were normal looking without all the foo-foo. It was then that I found
Jean Leggings from Express. They’re inexpensive. They’re simple. They’re comfortable. They
make my butt look good. They’re Mid-Rise, which means that my butt-crack isn’t going to
show at 30 years old. It also means that I don’t have to constantly pull them up, and they’re
super comfortable to wear. I can wear them with flats, with heals, with booties, etc. One of the
best parts about them is that they’re long enough for my legs! As someone who needs at least
a 34” inseam, these are long enough to fit that and they’re great. (I struggled with high water
pants my whole life because my legs are long). But the Jean Leggings from Express come in
every imaginable color, distressed, destroyed, black, white, you name it. I own several pairs of
black and navy blue, because I’m... well, let’s just say that I like to consider myself classic, in
lieu of boring.

But, can I say that the Cadillac of jeans are Paige jeans? Yeah, I’m going to say that. I may be a
creature of habit by loving a good bargain with jeans that I can do a ‘Buy One get one 40% off’,
but Paige jeans are out of this world and the price tag shows it. From the moment I slipped into
those butter soft jeans in the Nordstrom dressing room and got compliments from the women
around me as I stepped out into the three way mirror (sorta felt like I was on a runway), there
hasn’t been a time that I’ve put them on and not felt amazing. They look great on the tush,
they’re extremely soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Yes, a little more expensive than good old
Express, but worth it in every single way.

So, if you’re on the hunt to buy jeans...if you’re a creature of habit and find what you like and
buy several pairs, like me, then check out some everyday denim like Express. Truly, with the
price, the sales, colors, and cuts, you can’t go wrong. But, if you want to feel like you’re on a
runaway and people are taking a look at your fabulous badonkadonk, then check out Paige
jeans. I promise, with both of these brands, you’ll look AND feel like a million bucks!


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  • Tammy : February 06, 2018

    I feel your struggle Whit. I’m long waisted and have long legs so I have similar struggles but now that I’m older and much bigger than back in the day I just want something stylish, comfortable and has a little stretch in them. I have found that the Jessica Simpson jean fits me really well, but may have to look in the ones you mentioned and I love my Georgie’s! Thanks for sharing!

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