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  • A Day in the Life at Royal + Reese

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    Have you ever wondered what a day at Royal + Reese looks like? Have you wondered what we do when we aren’t on videos or working throughout Facebook or Instagram?...

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  • Cancer

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    I hate even writing the word. It enters our lives with a jolt and slowly creeps into every area; leaving no stone unturned. Reluctantly, I’m guessing that each and every...

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  • Destined for Greatness

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    “B, I just feel like I’ve got a bigger destiny than this. I feel like I’m supposed to have a profound effect on the world…and I’m just not doing what...

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  • Holiday Traditions

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    When I opened my eyes that morning, the day already felt magical. It was December. It was my birthday. My best friend was in town from California and my mom...

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  • Summer Treats

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    By now you’re beginning to understand how important food is in my life, right? I’ve posted a few different recipes, but summertime warrants an entirely different menu because it’s hot...

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  • Conversing.

    Mon, Apr 06, 20

    I am never one to struggle with starting conversations. One of my favorite things to do is to make new friends. If you’re quiet in a group and I see...

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