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Rewards Program - Ends 12/31

Message sent to all customers on 11/12/17:

Last month we announced some changes with our rewards program, primarily being how they’re redeemed and not combining with the VIP discount.  We hoped these changes would alleviate the challenges we have experienced with this program, but unfortunately this hasn’t been the case.  At the same time, our commitment hasn’t changed: providing a top-notch customer experience and offering quality pieces at the right price - competitive and fair.  When weighing our options and discussing with some of our top rewards earners and shoppers, one thing that continued to resonate is the fun giveaways, promotions, deals, and incentives we offer throughout the week in our VIP group on Facebook.  The feedback was resounding: continue to offer those items and forego the rewards program.  

You may have noticed the past several weeks we have been giving extra discount codes, giveaways, and fun promos through our VIP group. We will continue to invest in our loyal followers in this space, and forego the rewards program that continues to have more challenges with the system and getting the numbers right.  We love the community, support, and fun we have in our VIP group and when we are able to do price breaks and special promos, we want it to target this group. If you haven’t joined us in VIP, jump in and get ready to have a blast!

To be true to our customers that have earned rewards, we will continue the program through the end of the year to give time to redeem rewards.  All rewards must be redeemed into codes and those codes used in a purchase by 12/31/2017. If you are unsure of your rewards balance, please log in to your account and see your current reward points balance.  The rewards program will discontinue and any outstanding rewards codes will expire 12/31/2017. 

Thanks again for your continued support + joining us on this journey!