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favorite starbucks drinks for summer



Anyone else have Demi Lovato stuck in their head as soon as they read the title of today's blog? 

Today we are discussing our favorite Starbucks drinks to keep you cool for the Summer! I never realized just how many things you can order at Starbucks, and how many different variations there are. Recently on our instagram, we did a "Chat with us" post where you guys all told us your favorite Starbucks order, and I was literally BLOWN AWAY by the flavors and variety. 

favorite starbucks iced drinks



So we thought it would be fun to share our favorite drinks with you! Obviously its starting to get extremely HOT, so all of these are some variation of an Iced Tea. 

Tara's pick: Trente Black Iced Tea, with one Sweet and Low

trente iced black tea


Whitney's Pick: Venti Mango Tea Lemonade


Starbucks iced mango tea

Kait's Pick: Trente Passion Tea Lemonade, (unsweet)

Starbucks trente iced passiontea lemonade


Comment below what your favorite drink is in the summer! We would love to hear!

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