Love Royal + Reese? Want early access to our newest baby, toddler and kid’s clothes? You’ve come to the right place!  Watch for quarterly opportunities to qualify as a Royal + Reese Brand Enthusiast. Every three months, we look for a few new Royal + Reese fans to help us promote our fantastic brand with your adorable kids! Here are the responsibilities of a Royal + Reese Brand Enthusiast:

  • Join the Royal + Reese VIP Facebook Page
  • Engage in our VIP group by commenting on posts to help visibility.
  • Posting pictures in the clothes you purchase also is beneficial

For your participation as a Royal + Reese Brand Enthusiast you receive:

  • 15% off full-priced items for the three months of your commitment
  • Early access to new styles and designs before they are released to the public

Current Brand Enthusiasts, click here to enter the page for early access to new Royal + Reese designs.


*Royal + Reese has the right to dismiss Brand Enthusiasts who are not performing their duties. At such time, your password for early access will be disabled and the 25% discount and other BE perks will no longer be available.