Welcome to the Royal + Reese family!  Were so glad you're here!

Why Royal + Reese?

Were Tara, Whitney, and Kait, the sisters behind the brand of Royal + Reese.  The connection of sisterhood is the heart and soul of our company because we want you to feel like you're shopping with your best friend when you shop with us.  

Due to a large age gap between us, for a majority of our lives we weren't close.  Our family moved to California when I was finishing college and I missed out on a large portion of Whit and Kait's high school years.  When they wanted to come back to IL for college, I pleaded with my dad to let them fearing we'd never be close if we didn't have that time to get to know one another as adults.  He agreed but only if we all three lived together.  It was during those 4 years that our bond as sisters was formed.  Something I had never felt before as a majority of my life I felt almost like an only child rather than sisters I could hang out with and confide in.  Once I had that connection, I never wanted to know life without it.  So we want you to have the same feeling shopping with Royal + Reese.  A connection to a community of women that makes you feel like you have built in best friends seeing that this world can be so lonely and disconnected.  

How we started

The idea for Royal + Reese started after Whit and I had babies six days apart.  When shopping for clothes, she found it challenging to find cool boy clothes for Rivers.  After taking a deep dive into Instagram shops, I approached her one day and said I think we could do this.  I think we can start our own children's boutique.  She looked at me like I was nuts, rightfully so, seeing that we can't sew.  However, she went along with my crazy idea and we went full board buying sewing machines, fabric, tools and taking sewing lessons.  We decided quickly after our first pair of leggings two three hours and still had a hole in the crotch that this may not be our gifting and outsourcing the sewing portion was a better idea!  3 months later Royal + Reese opened on May 2, 2015. 

In 2017, we expanded into women's clothing.

What does the name mean?

Royal + Reese is actually named after our two oldest children, Brecken Reese and Rivers Royal Bold.