About us

Tara, Whitney and Kait are no strangers to business. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, the three sisters had a front row seat to the work and dedication it takes to develop, run and grow a business. Fortified with the confidence he instilled in them from a young age, the three decided to put their knowledge to work and open their own business.

With respective backgrounds in business, studio art and fashion merchandising, the foundation for Royal and Reese was laid long before the first leggings were designed. It wasn’t until Whitney and Tara had their first children, Rivers Royal Bold and Brecken Reese, that an idea began to form. 

Very quickly, Whitney discovered that finding fashionable, trendy baby clothes, specifically for her baby boy, was nearly impossible. So the sisters put their heads and skills together and launched Royal + Reese. With their online boutique baby and toddler clothing, Royal + Reese specializes in exclusively designed screen-printed tees and leggings all made in the USA.

Beyond the bond of sisterhood, Tara, Whitney and Kait share a vibrant faith in the Lord. Along with making great kids clothing, the sisters behind Royal + Reese have a strong calling to use their business to connect with other moms and women.

A message from Tara, Whitney and Kait:
“We have a platform to encourage a future generation with tender touches, encouraging words and expressions of value.  We have been given the privilege of passing on hope to others.  We have the ability to project a positive future, giving them hope and encouragement on life's journey. “