The Heart Service is our space to connect with you on what's happening in your world.  From the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and everything in between, we know firsthand how crazy and beautiful life can be. Even at the same time! 

From the beginning we have said IT'S NOT ABOUT THE CLOTHES... truly, they're just a fun way to bring together a community of women to encourage, care, and support one another.  When you put on something from Royal + Reese, our desire is that it's a bright reminder that you are far more precious than jewels - clothe yourself with strength and dignity, and face the future with joy and laughter. (Prov 31). 

As we journey together, please share your heart, what's going on in your world, how we can pray for you, celebrate with you, and everything in between!  Email us at, we will always keep your identity confidential. 


HEARTS OF ROYAL AND REESE  - Things our community is sharing with us right now:

I found about this shop by winning a giveaway on Instagram with another small shop 3 years ago. I remember being so excited about royal and Reese because of the encouraging response I got from one of the sisters. They were so kind even then, to someone who they didn’t know was needing it...

I’ve mentioned it before, but My son and I were part of a physically and emotional abusive situation with his father for years. It took a toll on me as a person in so many ways. I lost 25lbs in a short amount of time and struggled with eating because I believed eating meant I felt okay inside. I was broken by him. I didn’t care about myself because he made me believe I wasn’t worth care by anyone. I had dreamed of being a mother ever since I was a little girl but struggled with depression as a mom knowing that this wasn’t what a family was to be.

As of today, I have gone 7 months with no contact with him. I have gained 10lbs of muscle back. And feel like a person again.

I truly praise God for this group being one of the reasons why I didn’t let him back in. Jesus knew I needed this group. The happy babies, the cute moms with none Filtered pictures, the stories from others and the happiness of those who work at royal and Reese. This is why I support their dreams... because as cheesy as it sounds, they helped me find mine.


I couldn't be more proud of these ladies! How awesome is God that he put them in our lives and put it in their heart to pray over us?! I've shared before that nearly 3 years ago I was hit head on by an OWI driver 8.5 months pregnant with a little girl who was to be named Reese. We lost her that day, my 4 now 7 year old was gravely injured, and I nearly bled to death internally. Talk about shattered! I also was physically a mess I was mutilated!
But my beloved friends God still had a divine plan in the tragedy. He brought my husband and I closer, he gave the man who hit me 18 years in prison to figure out hopefully right from wrong, he blessed me with a rainbow baby, he blessed my heart to give back more and care about negativity less, and he blessed us financially so that I could undergo hernia and tummy tuck surgery at the end of August.
You ladies are the sweetest who tell me I could make a paper bag look good but know that I never dreamed of walking that road that lead to me needing plastic surgery to ever look normal again.
These ladies and I mean ALL you ladies who've reached out to me on top of the sisters have been a blessing to me too!
That is the before and after! I've gotten everything back the devil has takeni from me and then some because God pushed me to my knees and made me change my ways!
Blessings to you on this day and for all you ladies struggling who feel like they've lost something God will give it back to you just pray! I thought my first husband abusing me was rock bottom just to figure out just how hard God can push you to your knees! Never give up the faith that God has a plan and a time for everything and everyone here ❤️


thanks for making mornings EASY with dressing my tiny humans! R+R kids tops and bottoms all go together, are comfy and they WANT TO get dressed in them. no more meltdowns over uncomfortable jeans - HA HA! #momlife 


The past two years I have suffered from really bad depression and lack of confidence to even go out of the house. After having my two kids I’ve gained 70 lbs since I found out I was pregnant with my son. I had no confidence to do anything. And now with my upcoming divorce your clothes give me a sense of self and has help boost my self confidence. And makes me feel like everything is gonna be okay in the long run. So thank you so much ladies! ❤️ I love y’all! ❤️