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gold necklace layered on black tee
Growing up my mom always told us that we have certain "colors" or power colors if you will. Mine always consisted of red, black, bright blue, and some light pastels. But of course not peach, because you know... I'm too pale for that. She did always tell me that Olive green is not my color, which in some sort of weird rebellious I always try to make that color work in my wardrobe, but I have this weird mental block that I'm not supposed to wear it. But for some reason when I do, I feel a small sense of empowerment that i'm going against my "colors". So silly right?

Another "faux paux" I was always told not mix to brown and black. But I say to hell with that, and lets mix them up! I still can't quite get behind navy and black, because it seems a little bit like you tried and missed, but black and brown is effortlessly cool. 
brown and black outfit of the day
sunglasses outfit of the day
details of the outfit of the day
Today I was going for a casual work outfit I can wear all day. A pair of good black jeans and a flowy top is just what I needed. I just bought a denim button up shirt, and thought this was the perfect addition to the outfit. 
Adding brown shoes, and a brown bag topped it all off! These brown heels mule / booties are SO comfortable. 

brown dolce vita shoes
brown rebecca minkoff bag
Then we were off to grab the best breakfast burritos, I've ever eaten. We went into this little place in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA called the "Trough". 
breakfast burrito
breakfast burrito
breakfast burrito and outfit of the day
Its filled with hash browns, and eggs, and obviously cheese! I mean... what else could you want? 
Overall this was a great day! We sat out in the sun, enjoyed great breakfast and accomplished a lot of work! :) 
What's your favorite work day outfit? 
Comment below and tell us! More fashion posts coming soon! 
Photography: Tami Paige Photography 
Find her website here: Tami Paige
Outfit Details: 
Tank Top: Irene's Story 
Jeans: Paige Denim
Denim Shirt: Treasure & Bond Boyfriend shirt
Heels: Dolce Vita
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace: Doxology

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