Brit's experience with Keto!

Hi this is Whit here real quick. If you've heard Kait and I reference "Wallsy", she's our cousin AKA Brit! She's the one who introduced us to Keto! This here is her experience with Keto so far! Enjoy! - Whit
Imma be honest here... this is such a difficult thing for me to write about because it’s so controversial and it seems to draw alllll the armchair experts out of the woodwork. So! I do this for all you, Loyal Royals, who have an open mind! I would also like to remind everyone that I’m not a doctor, I’m just giving you a glimpse into my lifestyle!
My sister introduced me to Keto, last winter. She urged me for months to try it and I finally broke down in February and decided to give it a whirl. BUT! Before I did, I researched. I read articles praising it. I read articles to debunk it. I’ve listened to ‘normal’ people like myself on soapboxes, on Facebook. (Insert huge eye roll here). I sat back while friends and family were r e l e n t l e s s in teasing my new lifestyle. I’ve been the recipient of both scoffs and confrontational conversations, but nonetheless, it didn’t deter me from seeing what was out there.
I call Keto a lifestyle simply because it is. It’s something that keeps me in check with everyday eating because feels sustainable and not like a ‘diet’. It’s a high fat, low carb eating plan, that focuses on burning fats instead of carbs. I had no idea how much I was eating, until I started tracking my foods each day—and I thought I was eating pretty clean. But I still had those pesky pounds I wanted to drop, so here is what made me successful and foods that I eat the most and the mentality that’s gotten me through it. Things that have helped me with my success: MyFitnessPal app, kitchen scale, clean foods! 
Again, I researched Keto for two weeks before I began. I had a good handle on it and measured literally everything before I put it in my mouth. Once I tracked it, I’d be careful to measure things on the scale, before I consumed, just to make sure I was within my proteins and calories. It’s a fine line to not eat too much protein, but still get in all your calories each day. MyFitnessPal is great because you can adjust your settings to see exactly what you need to.
The food portion is obviously the most important part. Everything is subjective and different things work for different people, but you learn a lot of your body’s tolerances when you begin to cut things out. I did and have gotten the Keto flu, two times. It happens for me in the early morning hours after about two days of eating completely clean, balanced and under a certain carb consumption. The Keto fly makes me feel super sick to my stomach, but goes away after about 4-6 hours. Otherwise, I feel unaffected and blessed that I don’t suffer like others, as they adjust to this lifestyle.
I have a lot of staples in foods, but I’ll narrow down to what I eat the most of each week!
  • Each morning: I have two boiled eggs. I used to not care for eggs much, but now I look forward to them every morning! I also accompany these with Bulletproof coffee (lots of variations, but mine has butter, MCT oil, cinnamon, and collagen).
  • Lunch: My go-to is taco salad! I put hamburger taco meat over a bed of raw spinach or romaine lettuce and dress it up with sour cream and cheese or I’ll have mini hamburgers (cut up) on a large romaine leaf. I also make cream cheese and salami pinwheels!
  • Dinner: I’ve been a bit of a griller since the weather has been nice so I will grill: filets, 80/20 hamburgers, turkey burgers, ribeyes, or sometimes pork burgers! (Yum!) With those, I make a veggie, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, (yes legumes), etc. 
  • Snacks: Kirkland protein bars, peanut butter balls (made and always in my freezer), chicken/beef broth, 72% Cacao chocolate bar pieces, string cheese; to name a few.
When I first started Keto, I was obsessive about everything. But now, a few months in, I’m down 16 pounds and am more laid back. In fact, I tow a fine line between Keto and Whole 30–so I call myself a hybrid. (I love fruits and veggies but they’re high in carbs).
The most IMPORTANT lesson I’ve learned is that this is so mental, guys. Like, 100%, listen to yourself. You’re going to have a lot of naysayers, you’re going to hear lots of conflicting things and you’re just going to have to let it roll off your shoulders and, trust me. I did my research and I’m happy to report, this is the best I’ve felt and I’m still eating foods that I love and it’s sustainable for me, *says the girl who would never diet*. So, remember in anything you do, do YOU, listen to yourself, and be true to your inner voice, because life’s too short!
I hope this helps you understand why I’ve chosen this lifestyle for myself and gives you a glimpse into my Keto/Whole 30 hybrid world!


Lookin’ Good Brit!

Cara June 18, 2018

Great message here! Thanks so much for sharing! You do you and we all need to do this! Everyone has an opinion and it is theirs…not ours. I am vegan and can relate completely as I hear about it constantly. You are beautiful!

Denise June 18, 2018

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