Christmas Shopping, Early?!

Let’s think about Christmas, shall we?! I know that it’s still a smidge early, but let’s be real, we’re all trying to get through 2020 and move as far and as fast as we can, AWAY from this insane year. And as we transition into the colder weather, it has me thinking of all things, holiday, and I’m excited to decorate, bake and shop for Christmas.

Now, I know that many of us wait until well after Thanksgiving to get our shopping done…or at least that’s just me. but listen to this: one of my bests gave me a tip to use this year. She said, ‘buy one or two presents a week, starting end of October / beginning of November. Not only will I finish my shopping early, but I’ll be able to parcel out my spending over a longer period of time, leaving me in better financial shape. Here’s the plan:

1) Write down everyone I need to buy for
2) Write down how much I can spend on each person
3) Buy the largest gifts first (my limit is $50 a person, but some are a little more) - I       put a limit on everyone because I have a big family.
4) Each week, buy one to two presents

I’ve already begun to execute my plan and so far it feels weird to buy so far in advance. However, I feel strangely accomplished even with one gift down! My best has been doing this the past few years and usually by the first week in December, she’s completely finished with her shopping. I also know, that sometimes kids change their minds so quickly about toys, however, they’re still going to love opening up presents from you. IF I have any large gifts I need to purchase for my significant other or parents, I definitely wait until Black Friday / Cyber Monday specials, to get more money off of it.

There you have it! Not only will you be ready to go and have gifts around your tree early,  your pocket book will thank you and you won’t be like me in the past—running around like a chicken with its head cut off the week of Christmas, trying to order or buy things.

When do you start your Christmas shopping!?

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