Concert Survival Guide

My best friend and I love music and we love concerts. Before quarantine hit, we were going to a couple concerts a month. All of our favorite bands were on tour around the same time and it was a blast. We’re about four months into quarantine and it’s starting to feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. My favorite band was supposed to be performing in Chicago next week before it got cancelled due to COVID-19, so I thought now would be a good time to talk about my concert survival guide that we’ve meticulously put together after months of concert-going.

1. Fanny Packs — This may sound odd, but at least one of us ALWAYS brings our fanny pack to a concert. When you’re dancing and jumping, the last thing someone wants to worry about is a backpack, purse, or wallet. They’re also spacious enough to bring everything else on our list!

2. Credit Card & ID — We always both pack one card and our ID’s. Never our full wallets, because they take up too much space and aren’t necessary. ID’s are helpful because we’ve sometimes needed them for entry, or if you want to purchase an adult bev. Credit cards are always a must in case you need water or snacks to fuel up for the show!

3. Chapstick — I’m weirdly addicted to chapstick. I can’t go more than 20 minutes without, and I made the mistake of not bringing any to my first show of the year. After singing and yelling for a couple hours, my lips felt like the Sahara Desert. I always pack some chapstick in my fanny pack!

4. Chewing Gum — Another weird addiction. Sometimes we’re away from our cars for 4-5 hours for a concert. Between the hike there, waiting for the show to start, the openers, and then the ACTUAL show, gum is always a must for me.

5. Deodorant — The first concert I went to with my friend, she brought deodorant and I thought she was joking. But after being in a crowd full of people (that sounds so daunting now, doesn’t it?) that are sweaty and dancing, she re-applied mid show and said she felt way better.

6. Portable Phone Charger — I got one of these on amazon years ago and it’s LIFE. CHANGING. Usually our shows can be a couple hours away since we live in a small town, so concerts are a full day extravaganza and can drain our phone batteries so fast. Just plug this in the night before a show, and you’re all set!

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