Cosmetic Enhancements

I used to be a ten year 4H member, I showed pigs every summer until I was 19. Basically, I walk my pig around the ring for a judge to look at along with other members, while a chock full arena of onlookers and potential buyers sit nearby. But, what I didn’t know is that underneath my right boob was all wet. Through my grey tank top. So I’m walking around, with a very obvious wet boob to everyone, but myself. After my turn in the ring, I headed back to the pen to put my pig away and my sister asked me, “What’s wrong with your shirt? Did you get something on it?” Mortified, I looked down and thought maybe it was water? Upon feeling it though, I made a harrowing discovery…my water bra had sprung a leak. My sister and I giggled as we rushed to the restroom with our bag of clean clothes for after showing. Luckily, she had an extra bra. Unluckily, she was a c-cup, while I was barely a b-cup. So, I threw my water bra in the feminine trash can and put on my sister’s very big bra and stuffed it to the brim, with toilet paper, rounding it out as I went.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted BOOBS. There, I said it. BOOBS. Not gargantuan size boobs, but something that was more proportionate to my body. I was tall and a little thick with small boobs and never found anything to fit me very well. I always felt bad about my poor little bitties. Cosmetic enhancements, plastic surgery and everything that falls into those categories is something that each person should do for themselves and I’m a huge proponent of doing what you want or need to do for you. For years, I tried to make my bitties work, until it occurred to me, I can change it! 

I had just turned 30 and decided that getting a breast augmentation was the right choice for me, after about six months of gathering all kinds of information. I didn’t tell a soul. I went in for a consultation and decided (after looking at more boobs than I would have liked), on 250cc’s, which would make me a full c-cup. A week before the surgery, I decided I needed to tell my mom and ask her if she’d drive me there. She was shocked, but proud of me for doing what I wanted to do—which was a huge relief. Her supportiveness made me feel really comfortable about my decision and I couldn’t wait to finally feel ‘normal’. 

Surgery day came and went. I went in on a Thursday afternoon and was done and home within a few hours. I woke up and bam. BOOOOOOBS. But nothing I could see because I was completely wrapped in a bandage for the first day. I chose silicone implants over saline, because they felt more lifelike and real to me. My doctor went in through the underside of my breast, so I still have a tiny scar, but you can barely see it. He also went underneath my muscle for a more natural look.

The next day, I just remember getting muscle spasms, but otherwise, I felt okay. The biggest difference was that I felt like I had a lot of weight on my chest. From years of carrying my bitties around, I had to get used to my new c-cup’s and it felt so strange. A week later, my doctor said that I had healed incredibly fast and warned that if I didn’t slow down, I would get hematoma’s. Which, if you don’t know, are pooling of blood underneath the implants, that they’d have to surgically drain. *YUCK* The thought still makes me sick. I wrote notes to myself and put them on every door in my house to not move too quick or lift things over ten pounds. Did you know a gallon of milk is eight pounds?

Fast forward six months. Zero hematoma’s and feeling completely normal, my boobs finally settled into my body. Now, swimsuit and dress shopping is more fun because I finally feel more feminine. Many women think by the time their breasts have settled, they should’ve gone bigger, but I thought and still think that mine are the perfect size for me. They don’t feel too big or too small.

I think it’s great when you recognize something you’re not happy with and want to change it. There’s such a stigma that comes with plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements. Take Botox for example. Now, I’m 34. I have wrinkles and I’ve had wrinkles, so needless to say, I’ve upped my skincare game in the last few years. I’ve been dermaplaning, getting facials, and as of late, Botox in my forehead. All of these things make me feel more youthful. I have been loving the results, but I made the mistake of telling someone that I had it done and she scoffed so hard at me and berated me because she said I was too young, which felt pretty terrible. (Also, she does not have wrinkles). Even though I gave you a crash course of a breast augmentation and my thoughts on Botox, I feel like I could talk all day about the benefits of being comfortable with who you are. Whether or not you decide that cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery is right for you, always remember that you’re doing it for YOU and no one else! People might look at you differently or talk, but if you’re being true to yourself, you’re going to love the results you get… just like I have.

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