Favorite Things in my Favorite City.

Growing up, I remember very few and far between outings to the Windy City. I believe my first memory of this is when my mom took my older brother and myself to the South Shore Train Station in Porter. I remember feeling as if it took so much time. We took a long train ride through the smaller and then larger towns before finally arriving. Then, with our thick winter coats and scarves, we trudged through the cold and snow before finally arriving to the Field Museum. That first memory sticks in my head and it was extraordinary.

To this day, when I think about Chicago, I get the same feelings that take me back to my first memory there. Many people will disagree with me, but this city, in my heart, remains unsurpassed by the others. There is something different about it, something magical that speaks to the depths of my soul. You’ll never find a city with more color and gusto than that of the Windy City, Chicago.

The next time you find yourself with some time on your hands, maybe you should head to my favorite city and some of my favorite things out.

FIRST AND FOREMOST- Chicago Cubs. Need I say more!? Rooting for them and watching them fight for and WIN the World Series was one of the greatest things in life! If you have time to catch a Cubs game, you won’t be disappointed. You can sing at the 7th inning stretch, and if you get bleacher tickets and are one of the first fans in the gate, you’ll more than likely get a free gift! Wrigley is beautiful, even more so now that they done some renovations.

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Michigan Avenue/ Magnificent Mile has everything from Nordstrom (my fave), Zara, Victoria Secret, to Niketown. There are a three different malls you can jump into to check out even more shops! Let’s face it, even just walking to these places up and down Michigan Ave, you’re going to get a workout in as well as find some really awesome things from souvenirs to luxury items.

Dining. Specifically pizza, right!? This goes without saying. Head to Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, or Giordano’s. My mouth is actually watering as I talk about this, that’s how much I love pizza. If you’re looking for something for lunch:

  • NM Cafe inside Neiman Marcus- they have incredible popovers with strawberry butter and chicken broth to begin your meal. Their sandwiches are impeccable and everything is so fresh. Love.this.place.
  • The Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen- Hands down, best grilled cheese in the city. Anything with bacon on it is a winner in my book! Check this place out.
Architectural Tours at sunset- You’ve probably seen the big boats in the city. Check this out because you can sit and learn more about the city while you sit on top of a boat... at sunset... with a beer in your hand. (there is a bar in the lower level to get drinks) Seems like the best pastime, right!
Hancock Signature Room for drinks- Segwaying into more drinks, you should head here to see the beautiful 360 views of the city! Drinks are more expensive but the view is worth it if you can get a table close to the window, it’s first come first serve.


Chicago Symphony Orchestra- Who likes to get down on some music? ME! This is awesome and especially at Christmas time. Tickets aren’t very expensive, but it’s completely worth it for a few hours of this goodness, tickling your ears.

For hours and hours, I could list things to do in Chicago: Millennium Park, seeing The Bean, going to a Blackhawks game, the Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry. I could rattle off places to eat, hotels to see, sights to check out, but it would take me all day. The above suggestions are my favorite places in the city and I hope that if you try them out, you’ll love them, too!


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