Ideas for a Quarantined Summer

While there are many uncertainties in the world right now, I’m sure everyone is loving being out as much as the next person. Even if it’s just heading to Home Depot for your home improvement needs. As people we need human interaction, we need hugs, smiles, love, and camaraderie. But, with as much as we want all those things, it’s important that we all stay safe. The unpleasant part of that is that many things are canceled. Things we’ve looked forward to for a year, maybe two years are POOF, gone without a trace: fairs, concerts, certain transportation, favorite local restaurants, festivals, pool privileges… or maybe its just a strangers’ smile. And, while this feels like it’s never going to end, I wanted to put together a few ideas of fun things you can do with family or friends that can still give you a kicking butt summer!

1) Rent a cabin in the mountains // Lakehouse by the beach - there are many AirBnBs still operating and how fun would it be, to just get away from the mundane of your hometown, to a beautiful set of mountains or a lake house overlooking a beach or body of water. Pack up your most favorite people, pack coolers, load up the car and head out of town. Much of the time, if you get a large house and all go in together, it’s super affordable and you have new scenery!

2) Head to historic places- there are so many landmarks and historic places around you. Google a list or head over to enjoy things that many other people have. You’d be surprised the things that are even close to your city or home town and many of these are fairly cheap.

3) Go hiking- this is another inexpensive, fun filled day. You’re going to pack all the things you need in a backpack, but I promise that the view at the top is always worth it. You can pack a picnic and kill several hours. And, if you have kids, this will help get rid of some excess energy. You can even look up geocaching, to see if there are any treasures nearby, to make it even more fun.


4) No boat, no problem! Did you know there are lots of places that you can rent a boat for the day? You’ll have to usually plan in advance for these, but it’s a great suggestion to get yourself out on the water and enjoy some fishing, tanning, or even swimming or floating with your favorites.


5) Zoo, Park - Depending on your location, these may be closed, but with things starting to open back up, you can always check out these places. It’s nice outside and you can enjoy some animals at the zoo or animals at the park haha.

6) Grab a coffee and go for a walk with your best- My favorite day is Sunday when I can walk every Sunday morning with my best friend, to the coffee shop. We grab our coffees and then walk around town looking at older, beautiful homes and just catching up on life.

7) Baseball- Nine times out of ten, friends are ready for a fun game of softball, baseball or whiffle ball. Grab a few of your favorites together, even grab the kids, and hit a diamond somewhere. Many laughs will be had, I promise.

8) Volunteer- There is nothing more important that volunteering for something that is close to your heart. Not only will it give you more of an idea of what others are going through, you’ll also feel amazing that you were able to help out, in any capacity. There are many ways to get to volunteer, just google the best ways in your city or home town.

While I just listed off eight different things you can do this summer with quarantine, the possibilities are endless on things that you can do. I know life feels weird and hard…but things are beginning to shake out. We’re beginning to realize the importance of all things and beginning to love each other more deeply.

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