Looking Good While Working Out

I’m actually the best and worst person to write about how to look good while working out and this is why. In the past three years, I’ve joined and quit three different gyms. One gym I joined because they had a pool, but I left because they never had enough chairs by the pool. Another gym was ‘cheaper’ and I had a friend to workout with, but she would make me feel silly about not knowing how to use machines and we quit going together. The third gym, I joined because another friend had joined it and we decided that we should workout together—but then she bailed and canceled her membership before we worked out together. So, me and gyms go wayyyy back. But here’s what I have learned.

I workout best when I’m working out, one on one, with a trainer. I did it years ago and was in positively the best shape of my life. I got stronger and I felt confident. When I moved out of state, I thought I could keep up my routine by myself—in the gym—did I mention, by myself? Goodness, was I wrong. I’m self motivated with anything but working out. If I don’t have anyone there to kick my booty, I will not buckle down. In fact, I’d get to the gym in my new city, run on the treadmill for about 15-20 mins, take one look over at the free weights and machines and say to myself ‘nay nay’; as I just walked out. I was so intimidated of doing something wrong. I was nervous people would judge the way I was lifting, using a machine, and I feared that I’d be in the way of someone working out. It was just easier for me to leave.

Here’s the secret though… I guarantee that you know what will work for you and your mindset. You know what will keep you on track. Maybe it’s a buddy. Maybe it’s group classes. Maybe it’s a personal trainer. Whatever the case may be, there’s honestly no possible way to look good while working out. And the best part? No one that you’re in a gym with, cares! Everyone is trying to work on their own things! So, throw your hair back in a pony, put on some gym clothes, sneakers and find your favorite podcast or playlist and just get.out.there! 

Every time I joined one of those three new gyms, I had great intentions. My heart was always in the right spot, I was just nervous or had anxiety. But because I let those fears control myself every time I’d set foot in a gym, I stopped working out completely. Fast forward to present day, I have a lot of work to do, but I decided it was time to get back at it. But this time, not by joining a gym—I went out a hired another personal trainer. I workout with her three times a week. When I leave her studio, she gives me three cardio exercises I have to do independently at a gym and to be honest, I’ve never felt so confident walking into a gym before.

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