My Experience on StepBet

Ah, fitness. A word that I want to love, but loathe at the very same time. You see, a few years ago, I worked out with a trainer a few times a week and was really active. But now, as each year goes by, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get back and stay on the wagon of health. Food is the biggest part of my problem, because I love sweet things. My family loves sweet things. My friends love sweet things. So, it’s difficult to eat well unless I really, really work at it…which, who wants to do that?! With all the sweet foods aside, let me tell you about this bet I did, to jumpstart 2019 and get back on that wagon. Have you ever heard of StepBet?

Ultimately, StepBet is a six week ‘game’ that keeps you accountable for the steps you walk, each day. You begin by downloading the StepBet app and finding out which game you’d like to enroll in. I joined a trainer that I follow on instagram, but there are several different games on the app that you can be a part of. Once you find a game you’d like to join, you pay $40 dollars. Now, I hope I haven’t lost you, because this is where the ‘fun’ part is. Every member of the game puts $40 dollars in a big pot. The last game I was in, had an overall pot that was up to $176,000—which is an enormous game with several members. Basically, if you hit your steps everyday for six weeks, you’ll get your $40 dollars back, PLUS the people who don’t hit there steps don’t get their money back and it gets split amongst the winners.

The StepBet app pulls step data off your phone, with your permission, to set a goal. Based on your average steps each day it will give you two goals:
-daily goal - need to hit four times a week // stretch goal - need to hit two times a week.

The first full week of the six weeks is a practice week, so it doesn’t count. In addition, you get one rest day every week, which, you will definitely need. To put things into perspective, I have a very sedentary job. I don’t move around much during the day and at night, I try to work out a few times a week. My daily goal was 7,358 steps— which comes out to roughly three miles. My stretch goal was 9,358 steps. Both goals felt attainable and got me up and moving.

Now is the part you ask, well did you make it the entire six weeks? The answer is, yes! I walked over 136 miles in the six weeks that I was in StepBet! Not going to lie, towards the end, I was walking in place and around my living room to get my steps in, because that’s how badly I wanted my $40 dollars back. It felt like a really great accomplishment by the time I was done, but will I do it again? The answer is no. The first couple of weeks, my anxiety about hitting steps was almost not worth it. I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking I didn’t get my steps in for that specific day, or I’d have to use the restroom, but would make sure to take my Apple Watch with me because, every.single.step.counts!

And, remember the big pot that everyone put their $40 dollars into at the beginning of the game that was worth $176,000? Only 15% goes to the host and the game and the rest is split amongst the winners. (You get your $40 dollars back plus divvy up the people’s money, that weren’t successful). But in total, I received $44.14 back after stepping my life away—which monetary wise, didn’t seem worth it. I thought the prize would be a lot bigger that $4.14. 

Even though I only received a little over four dollars, I liked the concept of this game for people who are motivated by money, this totally works. Also, along the way, there is a forum to keep each other motivated and encouraged. You can answer each others questions and make other StepBet friends!  So, if you’re looking for a challenge and something to keep you motivated, I promise that this will hold you accountable, because no one wants to lose $40. Happy Stepping!

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