Have you ever felt as if you found your why? As I have read the comments of All the sweet girls who have posted on Royal and Reese in the last two days, it was as if my life, past and present, suddenly came into view and became more clearly defined. I looked at our life as a family and individually, totally understanding what God had prepared us for and it was for “Such a time as this”.  Royal and Reese is Building Esthers and I will explain that in a minute.

       Over the years, our family learned a multitude of lessons as business took its ups and downs. Life was not always easy, but instead, it forged in us a tenacity that we would not normally have had. It also brought a sense of gratefulness and an understanding that things were only going to be worked out with lots of hard work along with God's direction and blessing. When Royal and Reese started, little did we know of how it would be blessed, as well as the impact it would have on the community of women it served.  As I watched the growth, I told the girls that God had a much bigger plan and it was to be used in all the ladies' lives for good. That God had placed a great responsibility on them as they worked with you, spoke to you and supported you.

      For anyone who is not familiar with the story of Esther in the bible, Esther was a woman who God providentially placed as a wife to a King, so that when a plot came about to destroy her people, she was in place to save them, as she was the king's wife. Yesterday, as I was reading the comments, I thought, this is what we were called to do.       To Build Esthers! …… A generation of women who will raise up, to build their marriages, build their families and rear their children with love, integrity and steadfastness, encourage eachother as well as others, and be a light and example in their workplace for the greater good. The backbone of all of it would be prayer and God's empowering.

      Today, the landscape can be so unloving and one of expecting the worst from everyone, but life does not have to be that way. We can all be those women who take the high road, reach out and pray for one another and those around us. We need to love others as we would want to be loved, and as Christ would want us to. Love is a very hard thing to resist.

       So, my challenge is, that as a great community of women, let's all individually look for those divine appointments every day where we can lift up someone else and give them hope.  Let's go forward with hope for creating a better future, without fear, but a tenacious resolve that says God's got this and I am just doing my part. Blessings to all of you. You are amazing and we are so grateful for you. Let's be all that we can be, so that we can impact the next generation in a profound way and leave a legacy for them to follow.

Love, Candy


Beautifully written Candy. Thank you for blessing us with this encouraging message. What an amazing vision!

Ashley Long February 28, 2018

Beautifully expressed, Candace! I like your challenge to look for divine appointments. God continually weaves the circumstances of our lives.

Carol Nussbaum February 27, 2018

Well said Candy! Miss you…but so inspired what your 3 daughter’s are doing to encourage and follow Jesus! To God be the glory! Blessings on your family!!

Bev Virgil February 26, 2018

Beautifully said! What a strong & encouraging community you ladies have built. Above all I love how you give the glory to God .

MICHELLE T February 26, 2018

Loved this so much! Amazing blog!

Maggie Napolitano February 26, 2018

That was awesome Candy! I hope I am living an Esther life each day. That is my desire.

Cara Nussbaum February 26, 2018

Thank you Candy. You raised your daughters well. It’s our time as women to stand up. The world needs all our love right now. Together we can do it. I am grateful for you raising these beautiful daughters to spread happyness.

Linda Stenberg February 26, 2018

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