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We've all watched the videos, right? The videos of lovable Jaclyn Hill or the impressive Jeffrey Star. How is it possible to get such a flawless face like theirs?! Hows come when they put on their contouring lines and try to blend them, they do NOT look like they were punched in the face? Why when they put contour lines on their forehead, it doesn't sink into the creases of their wrinkles, looking like they went out and wore a mask while riding a four wheeler on a dirt lane on a hot day?

I'll tell you why. They have fairly flawless skin. They know the secrets and better yet, they've studied and practiced too see what works for them, their skin tones, and their face shape. BUT, if you're like me, you're lucky to make it out of the house without mascara on stuck to the top of your eyelid, your furry eyebrows or upper lip blended so they don't look AS furry, when you've not had a day to wax them.

And guess what? I do the exact same routine I look the same unless I get a little heavy handed in the mascara process and hey, that's okay! There's no rule saying you have to wear this or that shade because of the colors in your wardrobe that day, there's no rule saying you need to wear a winged liner (you should check out my IG for my tutorial), and there's no rule saying you HAVE to wear makeup.

I enjoy a good face, trust me. When faces look ultimately soft and nearly perfect, I'm envious. I have wrinkles. I have freckles. I have blackheads. And yes, at age 32, I have PIMPLES! Who would've thunk?!

My office doesn't have a stance on wearing makeup everyday, fortunately for me. Also fortunate for me, I work from home so I don't have to answer to anyone about what I look like. But, on the weekends, I love to get ready and I actually like my face when I have makeup on, even though I always look the same and rarely deviate.

So don't get tied up in all the hoopla. Do I love new makeup? Yes. Do I love finding new and fun things to try? Yes. Do I love spending hundreds of dollars? No. So, maybe you'll like of my staples and “must haves”.

  1. Beauty blender- you can find cheap versions of these everywhere. You don't have to spend $40 dollars to buy a name brand. I've also tried one of those silicone boob looking things-it was horrendous. I used it once.

  2. NARS foundation- my skin needs more coverage unless I've got a pretty awesome tan and since I'm looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost these days, I use foundation. This is light, not sticky, and covers beautifully!

  3. Naked concealer- in my opinion, I've used several concealers and always come back to this one. It doesn't pick up residue from my mascara and it doesn't get greasy.

  4. Too Faced Bronzer- Milk Soleil, to give myself a little bit of tan

  5. Jaclyn Hill’s palette- the blush in this is adorable in color! In addition to that, there are two highlighters I use religiously to create a dramatic effect at the tops of my cheekbones, chin, up my nose and in between my eyes

  6. Too Faced-Better Than Sex Mascara- this stuff is holy grail I tell ya! I've used this for a couple of years now and in my opinion, there is NOTHING better. Mine does not clump, it gives me perfect application, and has an incredible brush to use.


Call me boring, but that's my routine whenever I wear makeup. I hope these bring you as good of luck as they've brought to me.



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The easier the better… I think people look better with less.

Christa K August 10, 2017

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