Summer Bucket List

Finally, summertime! We always think to ourselves that four months is a long time, but it actually goes by within a blink of an eye. It ends up being the last week of summer and all of a sudden you have a hundred things you want to do before it’s over. This happens to me every time and I won’t let it happen again. I have decided that having a bucket list full of ideas is something that will make my summer eventful along with allowing myself to try new things. Here is what my bucket list consists of:

  1. Dine in for the first time at the Hampton Social in Steeleville, Chicago Illinois.
  2. Rent a boat with friends that will take us around the river of Chicago and Lake Michigan for the day as well as for the night to watch the fireworks. 🚤
  3. Walk at a forest preserve every day to clear my mind, stay health and be one with nature. 🌿
  4. Strawberry picking 🍓
  5. Start a YouTube Channel involving fashion, make up, and life in general.
  6. Have a picnic with friends by the Chicago Harbor or North Avenue beach in the evening to watch the sunset
  7. Have a backyard camping trip (decorated all cute) 🏕
  8. Go to several Thrift shops to see what I can find
  9. Hiking at Starved Rock State Park in LaSalle County, Illinois
  10. Visit a sunflower field and take artsy pictures 🌻

Now that I have shared with you what’s on my bucket list, it’s time for you to write one for yourself. Remember don’t let it hit the last week of summer and you have a hundred things you want to do. Make this summer eventful and allow for yourself to create memories to last you a lifetime!


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