Inexpensive Holiday Centerpieces

By this time of year, I think many people are with me when they feel like they’re endlessly shelling out money for something. Whether it be food for a holiday party, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, a new dress or outfit to wear, new holiday decor, or starting your Christmas shopping. So, I thought I’d help you out with a small part—you may have not thought of, until now: centerpieces.

Did you grow up with the same mother that I had? Did she pride herself on the cleanest house, the best tasting food and the most beautiful table display? If so, keep reading!

My mom would go out and get the most lovely centerpieces to make sure her table looked picturesque and inviting to all of her guests. But, because of this, she went above and beyond what I would, with spending. So, I have some tips and tricks for you, if you’re in need of some adorable centerpiece ideas.

Holly Centerpiece: This one is my favorite and looks absolutely beautiful and no joke, it cost me $1.99. Yes, you read that correctly. One dollar and ninety nine cents. I went outside to my holly busy and cut off a few branches that were vibrant with berries. Then, I grabbed a glass vessel that I already owned, and I began to layer my small branches in the vessel. When I had it looking just the way I wanted it to, I filled it completely with water. Lastly, I took three tea lites that I had just purchased from the store and removed the tin lining on the bottom and set them on top of the water. Then, I lit them and voila! It’s so pretty and the water has a way of making the branches look even more vibrant than they are. You can go to your local florist to find these if you don't have a holly bush, OR you can purchase some faux branches.

Greenery Centerpiece: Did you know that Hobby Lobby always does 50% off Christmas decor and Christmas Candles? You can grab some of their faux pine leaves and pine cones and scatter them through the center of your table and light tea lites around then in different areas. I grabbed four, thick stems of pine needles the other day. They have wires throughout so you can mold and shape the way you’d like to see them look on your table. I also bought two medium sized candles for $3/candle since they were 50% off.

Pinecone and Pumpkin Centerpiece: Maybe you have mini pumpkins or gourds leftover from Halloween and you’re not sure what to do with them. Welllll, use them in your centerpiece. Place the gourds or mini pumpkins where you’d like them to be and in the middle, fill in with fake greens, any fallen leaves and artificial pine cones. You can buy pinecones for $1.49 for 5 pieces from Hobby Lobby.

Apples and Greenery: This is also a good one. Grab some smaller apples and spread throughout and fill the gaps with pinecones and/or greenery or fallen leaves. Then, spread tea lites throughout your display to help add just a little flair.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with an inexpensive centerpiece. It’s really fun to play with all the ideas and most of all, tea lite candles are super cheap and those or any other sort of candle can add a calming vibe to any holiday table. Let’s face it…with 2020, we don’t need any bickering at the meal! Enjoy!

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