Twelve Dates of Christmas

Often times, the people you love the most are hands down, the most difficult to buy Christmas presents for. This can be for mom, dad, or your significant other. But, this year, with eleven days left, I MAY have a new Christmas idea that you can use with your partner this year OR implement next year. I have a friend who told me about this and I LOVED the idea and it’s too good not to share, so peep the rest of this blog post for the best ideas about what to get your significant other.

Okay, are you ready!? Go out and get your loved one…. NOTHING. A big.fat.nothing! Seriously, that’s it! And what if I told you at the same time you didn’t have to buy a gift, you were able to reap all the benefits of having ‘nothing’ for your partner!? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not with: Twelve Dates of Christmas! Your significant other and you plan out TWELVE fun dates or new, fun things to do or try, during December! But, since this post is a little late, you might have to swing your own timeline, maybe, Ten Dates of Christmas? Ultimately, this is the most fun thing because with Christmas so busy, it’s always good to get away from the hoopla of the season and remember each other. So, here is how it works….

Talk to your other half and decide what is an appropriate amount that you’d spend on each other for the holidays. Take that amount and put it together and with that, put your plan to action. Write down all the things! Write down a restaurant you heard has really good pasta and tiramisu—that you’ve always wanted to try but have never managed to get there. Go to that ice skating rink you saw children playing on the other day. Think about what subdivisions or houses have the best Christmas lights you can go see. Take a cooking class together, grab a coffee, catch a flick, or head to the aquarium to see some fishes. When you have your list, eliminate to your top twelve. The possibilities are endless, even down to just taking a long stroll, bundled up, arm in arm, while checking out the lights of your city. Twelve Dates of Christmas, will be one of the best investments that you’ve made together this year; and instead of something tangible that can get dusty or break, you’ll keep these memories close to your heart, forever.

Understandably, this is not always feasible if you have children or different work environments, but I encourage you to really make this happen….EVEN if you have to put the children to bed and have a private dinner using fancy china or crystal. Maybe you work opposite schedules, so you can do a lunch hour together? Little dates here and there are perfect, but you also don’t have to go broke spending time with one another doing the ‘cool’ things. You can accomplish your Twelve Dates of Christmas, free of charge, by enjoying each others company without the use of phones or screens, putting together a puzzle, playing a Fifty Questions game that you find online, drinking a glass of wine together, or working on a gingerbread house, for example.

Because, at the end of the day, time is the most precious gift of all, and instead of something that could potentially break, wouldn’t it be amazing to just take time out of your busy schedule to have some laughs or even tears with the person that you love the most? Happy Dating!


I love this idea to do throughout the year! Plan it in December but plan a day each month of the upcoming year. How fun!!

Krista Roeber January 04, 2019

I love making memories, not buying stuff❤️❤️

Denise December 18, 2018

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