What Are Blue Light Glasses?


If you’re anything like me, you spend 97% of your day on some sort of device. On a normal week day, I wake up in the morning and immediately check my phone for the time, as well as, any notifications. Next, I schedule all the morning’s new arrivals for Royal + Reese. Then, I saunter around a smidge cleaning up, doing laundry, make breakfast and then I’m back on my computer—well into the evening hours.

In the evening, when I close my computer for the day, I sit back and pull out my phone to catch up on the day, normally while the television is on in the background. I hang out for several hours or head to the gym, trying to make most of my night before... Finally, heading to bed where I grab my phone, once again to do some late night scrolling. (Uhm, that was really embarrassing! Do you guys spend this much time on devices!?)

So, because we are on our devices so much and using so much artificial light, this suppresses the secretion of melatonin—which is a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles. The use of constant screens and artificial lights can also cause dry eyes and ‘digital eyestrain’ that makes our eyes feel fatigued.

In order to combat this, experts have suggested taking 20 second breaks for every 20 minutes we’re on a screen—to focus on something else, 20 feet away for 20 full seconds or step away altogether, so you’re not constantly straining your eyes. But even more recently, someone had the bright idea to create a few things that would help with that.

Of course many experts and doctors will say that if you put your phone away 3-4 hours before bed, it will help you feel more rested, but come on. (That’s when most of us do our best late night scrolling and creeping, right?!) There is also an option called: “Night” mode that is on your phone where it will adjust the level of brightness at night, before bedtime. BUT, perhaps one of the newest crazes are these blue light glasses.

These glasses look like normal glasses, but, they have a subtle blue tint to the lens—I mean so minutely that you can barely tell, until you put them on to wear. You can either find these in a clear lens form OR dark sunnies form. The purpose of these is to help minimize the amount of light your eyes take in, in order to help them feel not so dry and fatigued. I know people who have these because they work on a computer all day, and they swear by them. SO, because Kait is awesome, she decided to order these little numbers in spectacles AND sunglass form and they’re available in several frames colors, and sizes. I ordered my pair yesterday and will definitely do a full report once I get them. Do you have blue light glasses? Have they helped you? Let us know! 

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