Whitney Wednesday: How To Do A Quick Top Knot

I’m a mom, which I’m sure you knew at this point, and I don’t have time to do my hair. So as most of you have noticed, I rock the top knot pretty much every day. It’s quick, easy, and makes me feel like I did SOMETHING with myself. A lot of you have asked how I do this “do”, so here’s my tutorial:

STEP 1. Put your hair in a high pony tail. I prefer a high pony tail because if it’s lower, it looks a little less stylish and a little more matronly. (I use thick hair ties because I have thick hair)


STEP 2: Take your entire pony tail and twist slightly. (For a bigger, messier top knot, tease and hairspray your pony tail before you twist it.)

STEP 3: Wrap your twisted pony tail around itself loosely.

STEP 4: Secure with bobby pins around the entirety of the bun. I use anywhere from 5-8 bobby pins. (I prefer the Mega Grip brand because they are tighter and tougher than other brands)

STEP 5: (Optional) Pull out pieces around the face to make it look a little more piecey and loose, and spray with hair spray to finish. (I prefer Aussie brand hair spray- it’s like cement and your hair won’t move an inch!)

 Let me know if you joined the Top Knot club with me! Post selfies! We love to see your beautiful faces!


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