Whitney Wednesday: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

A few nights ago, I was reading my new book I had picked up at target earlier that day when my son walked in and asked me to read it to him. As I was reading a few sentences to my three year old about a story set in New York, I realized that he doesn't even know that Brooklyn is a city, or that a brownstone is a type of house. He's already completely lost and I'm only a sentence in to the book. It would be entirely overwhelming, not to mention frustrating, for a three year old to try to read and understand a book meant for an adult. We'd have to start a word at a time and build from there, just like the rest of us learned. 

 Then it dawned on me, that this is how it is with most things; creating a successful business, working out, eating healthier, driving, friendships and relationships. I often feel like I need to have all my ducks in a row before I even attempt anything, but most things don't work like that. For example with our business, we had to take the risk to attempt it before knowing what needs to change or what has to be done. Literally on a daily basis there are new issues that arise that we have to work through and find a solution for. Skipping over years of experience wasn't an option for us. You can't start with a plot of land and expect the city of Rome to erupt a day later.  Each day is a learning experience. Each day brings more knowledge and experience. Every day is a struggle, but struggle equips us with the strength we need in order to be responsible for more.  Rome most certainly wasn't built in a day, so just take it day by day and keep going!

Pictures are courtesy of Kait who is currently roaming around Rome!


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