Why Senegence?

Since May 1st, you have probably seen makeup posts within Royal + Reese VIP and wondered, “Wait what? When did they start selling makeup?” I was curious and wanted to hear from Kait, Royal + Reese’s main buyer—as well as one of the three sisters that owns the company. Then, I thought I'd share the answers to questions I asked, surrounding; why Royal + Reese has decided to work with Senegence.

Q. Why Senegence?
Kait: “The why behind why we wanted to sell beauty was simple. We’ve always wanted to have a lifestyle brand where we could suggest products other than just clothing and extend into home, mens, kids, etc. Once we met Katie, our director at Suzy School, we began testing the products, to see what the hype was about. The product had a wow-factor to even a Sephora junkie like me. The more I studied the products, the more I realized they had technology that was worth sharing about. People come for the makeup and then stay for the skin care.
As a brand, Royal + Reese is super protective of what we share about because we know that VIP is a very special group… and the culture that has been cultivated is not something you find often. But, this felt like a natural thing to add as skin care and beauty is a massive priority in our lives.

Q. Are you contractually obligated to find and recruit others to sell underneath you?
Kait: We are under no obligation to recruit a team or have people sign up under us. If the occasion would arise that someone would want to sign up under us, we would mentor them for sure, but we are just using the products like an influencer would. We share what we love, you can try them out, or not.

Q. Are you using both makeup AND skincare lines?
Kait: My two sisters and I are all using the skincare and makeup lines. The makeup line is insanely cool, but the skincare is really where its at because the ingredient lists and fact that they are #1 out of two world wide companies that sell active Vitamin C. The more I learn, the more it blows my mind!

Q. Lastly, now that we know the why behind it and a few other facts, tell me which products I have to have?
Kait: You definitely need to get the mascara and the primer! In my opinion, it’s the thing that every woman tends to wear, but doesn’t like their current mascara routine. Most women have TONS of flaking, fall out, and clumsiness to their lashes. Senegence primer and mascara will give you volume with no clumps. It is also humidity resistant so it won’t get under your lash line when it’s outside. You can even work out with it on…and lastly—it grows your lashes 46% in four weeks! It’s crazy!

While I only chose to ask four questions, Kait’s answers really pack a punch and give so much more detail on why Royal + Reese decided to work with a makeup and skincare line. Because I'm more simplistic with makeup and still curious on the new line we're carrying, I wanted to do my part and try out Senegence. I purchased the biggest staple in my everyday wear: mascara. Not only did I purchase just the Volumizing Mascara, I also set my sights on the 3-in-1 Primer...and you guys...HOLY MOLY. I'm extremely critical when it comes to mascara. I use a lot and need it to be the right brush, consistency, wear, etc., and I fell in LOVE with this! I also did an awkward Facebook Live for my very first impression. After four days of applications, I'm definitely a lifer on this mascara and already want to buy more, just to have a backup! 

We love our Loyal Royals so much, that I wanted to bring to light why we do the things we do! So, if you’re slightly curious about Senegence or even if you just have questions, let us know!

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