Summer 2016 Must Try Beauty Trends

Remember when having a feather in your hair was all the rage a few years ago? What about blue eye shadow? Summer 2016 is full of cool new trends to try. Experimenting with your look is how you find out what you like best! You may regret it ten years from now but if it looks cool now, do it with no regrets!

  1. Faux freckles

Faux freckles have recently become a huge trend. Freckles give you a more youthful sun kissed look that people are craving. To get the look you dot an eyeliner in a few shades lighter than your hair color around your nose. Finish it with some face powder to make it look less harsh. Some people are even going to the extreme and using glitter as freckles for more special occasions like music festivals.


  1. Matte lipstick

We have Kylie Jenner to thank for starting the lip trend this year. Her famous lips have made bold, matte lipsticks the trend of the year. From pretty nude colors to daring black lipsticks, bringing attention to your lips is popular in the makeup world.


  1. Bold brows

It’s no secret that brows have become a big trend the last couple years and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Big, bold, groomed brows can either make or break a makeup look.


  1. Colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliner can look super cool with no eyeshadow and just a simple winged eye. Try it in a cool pastel blue tone or white for a more edgy look.


  1. Eye strobing

It’s like highlighting your face except for your eyes. Eye strobing can help make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Achieve the look by heavily placing a highlight color on the inner corner of your eye and on your brown bone.


I can definitely see all these beauty trends lasting past the warm summer days. Experiment with your look and see what works for you! Personally I’m loving the matte lipstick trend at the moment. The bold colors look great on a night out and the neutral colors are great for every day. Happy experimenting!


Featured image by: Kylie Jenner



Guest Written by:  Miranda Jones

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