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black and white outfit of the day
black and white outfit of the day
side view of outfit
close up of vest
shoes shot
fearless giving key necklacefull outfit laughing
In high school I was that girl that never dated. I felt like I always had love interests, in people I was interested in, but no joke I was NEVER asked on a date. I don't tell you that because I'm looking for a pity party. Lord knows it was for the best that I didn't date back then, but it wasn't until I met my husband in college, where I had to actually look for "date night" outfits. 
Looking back at pictures, I'm actually pleased with my choices of date night outfits. They were ALWAYS dark, monochromatic, ensembles. I can't think of a date night where I wore a bright color. Maybe once or twice. But I always tend to lean back on blacks, whites, and neutrals. I mean, i know i've already mentioned this, but Black is totally my power color.
Not only do I FEEL good in it, I feel like it compliments my skin tone. Theres something about an all black outfit that makes you feel a little bad ass. 
Our date nights were always something really simple like dinner, and watching Wall-E afterwards, and places that I ALWAYS overdressed.
My husband tells me that I can't eat for under ten bucks, but I mean can you blame me? Burger King does not have good salads, and who knows where they actually get their "spinach" from. (Do they even serve Spinach Salads? I don't go there so i wouldn't know). 
So again my outfits were always a little bit too dressy, but hey that's ok! There's ALWAYS a good excuse to put on some heels, and jazz up your outfit.
This outfit I chose is dressy but still has a cool casual vibe. I'm wearing black Paige Denim, and an Alexander Wang T-shirt dress. These two pieces alone with a cool heel or sandal is a dream, but I added the vest to elevate it a little further.
Seriously the most simple outfit!

The close up shows a necklace my sisters sent me the day I officially left my old job, and started full time with this business. Of course when I opened it, and bawled my little eyes out. 
It says "FEARLESS". I think this is the perfect word for your warddrobe, and the way we should live our lives. Never act out of fear of what someone will think about you or say about you. 
Never act of fear of the "what ifs, and what could have beens". We are brilliant women, and we should act like it!

If I acted out of fear up until this point we would not have this precious business. Dreams come true when we step out of the norm, and live the way we want to! 
I'm not sure how I just got so philsophical from a date night outfit post, but I kind of like it. Apparently my brain, and fingers needed to say that.
Send us your date night outfit ideas! We would love to hear what your "go-to" outfit is!


I love it! I love that you brought up the fearless part! There are so many times in want to try something new but I’m nervous, scared I won’t succeed, or ppl want like it. Heck sometimes I’m even scared of going on dates with my husband cuz of fear of my kids getting hurt in someone else’s hands. Thank you for your post!

momma koyle October 29, 2016

Cute pictures. Love reading your posts!

Cara NUssbaum June 14, 2016

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