A Day in the Life at Royal + Reese

Have you ever wondered what a day at Royal + Reese looks like? Have you wondered what we do when we aren’t on videos or working throughout Facebook or Instagram? Do you feel like you know us, but would love to understand what we do on a daily basis? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read on and I’ll give you a little inside peek on how we operate each day. I may be a bit biased when I say this, but honestly, I have the ultimate privilege of working with the best team of ladies, at Royal + Reese.

Our close knit team is contrived of several different specialized teams: Inventory, Design, Photo, Collections, Web, Media, Social, Orders, and Customer Service. But, even though we are on specialized teams, we bind together. Although I will be explaining each department on a daily basis, this is a 100 foot view…and there are no two days alike, at our headquarters.

Inventory Team. These ladies can receive sometimes up to AND over 100 boxes in a day. They open up all the boxes, hang up each and every shirt, add the inventory we receive to our web platform, count every piece, and check check check for damages. They print tags and get it ready for sale. It doesn’t sound like a lot but these ladies work tirelessly to make sure that everything is correct, moving forward. They’re the starting line to an entire process.

Photo coordinator // Photographer Team. The Photo Coordinator works closely with inventory to grab every color and size of a piece that comes in. She steams and pairs every shirt with the perfect set of pants, shoes, and accessory, organizes by day and prepares each item to be photographed. During the photoshoot, they makes sure that each day is written out, not a single color is missed and that everything fits well. They are also in charge of asking each model how things fit, so we can give the customer and exact fit recommendation.

Our photographer makes sure that nothing is out of place in photos. She makes sure that everything and everyone looks lovely in the photos she prepares. Our photographer also insures same day editing and images that are crisp white. She shoots stock on every color shirt, hat, shoe, and accessory in our photo room.

Design Team is in charge of putting together some of the most adorable in-house pieces. They work closely with Whitney and have seasonal forecasting meetings that help them game plan the next season and theme they want to attack. They travel to fabric shows and purchase only the best fabric for your kiddos. In addition to traveling and grabbing the best material, Design also puts together prototypes to ensure that everything is perfect for our brand. They work in all things design: making patterns, cutting, surging, sewing, and work together to do an assembly line production.

Collections Team. This team is in charge of purchasing and facilitating a cohesive look and location for a unique spin. There is a lot that goes into planning collections and the team spends much of the time making sure things are flawless for the drop.  Everything is strategically shopped for, photoed at a certain time or scene, even down to jewelry or props.

Web team. Web takes all the information from the other teams along the way and executes every listing with pictures, descriptions, tags, variants and chronological order. In addition to the web side of things, they make sure that every size is indicative in each listing. Ultimately, Web team takes all the information ties it up with a bow. They sneak to our Brand Enthusiast and ensure that it's presentable for publication.

Media team consists of going above and beyond to really make our website and content, killer. They put together styled photos, graphics (on a moment’s notice), and hello?! They have a drone that they use to film fun things for our youtube content and ‘behind the scenes’. Media is also in charge of our daily emails and making everything look super chic and amazing. They take our ordinary content and knock it out of the park.

Social. This is the lifeblood to Royal + Reese. Not that every other department and team isn’t important, but our Social team is our face. They’re our front runners and an integral piece of our operations each day. Each day, we start with a goal and while most people’s work day ends at 5:00pm, our Social team works hard to achieve that, long after the day ends—even if it means working from home. The invoice on posts, they work on live video and content. They stand for hours at a time and they answer countless questions and work on live try ons. Andddddd, then the next day, the start. all. over. again.

Order Team. Phew. These ladies spend countless hours walking the floor and making sure that everything is pulled and packaged within the allotted time— which is close to three days. The rockstar order team works tirelessly to get all packages pulled and shipped within a day of ordering. They have the meticulous job of making sure that each customer gets their fun order, that nothing has damages and that they have the exact color and size of each piece. They walk around with iPads and scanners and walk more steps than anyone else in the building. Their job is never, ‘done’, but they work hard to make sure they exceed all of our customers’ expectations.

Customer service. As like any other customer service branch, our front line to criticism, customer service makes sure that the customer is always right, always heard, and always understands exactly why, we do the things we do. Customer service answers countless emails, chats from the website, and also works to ensure credits from returns. They work hard to make sure that each situation is dealt with sensitivity and grace to ensure a proper experience with Royal + Reese. In addition, this team goes above and even works with people to show them how to order from the site- if the customer isn’t sure or has questions.

The bottom line is, that as a group; it’s been an amazing, outstanding, lovely, difficult-at-times, ride. Together, we’ve worked to create a beautiful environment. There has been friendships, laughs, and tears that we’ve all shared with one another. We have broken the barrier on so many different levels. Royal + Reese isn’t just a ‘workplace’, it’s a family that has come together and proven that we can get through anything, as long as, we have each other to rely on. All because three beautiful souled ladies—Tara, Whitney, and Kait— had a dream to create an environment where where the Lord was the center, women came together and praised one another, and we could get through it all.



I would love to meet each and every member of the R+R team just to tell them thanks for all they do!

It is so rare to find great customer service these days and I have never dealt with anyone at R+R that does not excel at their skill!

Thank you all! You have made shopping fun again! I appreciate you all!

Marie Curenton January 29, 2019

Thank you for such a thorough insight to your team. I look forward everyday to see what Royal + Reese is doing today. You ALL give me something to look forward to. Keep up the great & appreciated work!

Kelsey January 29, 2019

Wow that makes me dizzy! Good job girls. You’ve done an amazing job in a very short time.

Cara Nussbaum January 29, 2019

Thanks for the insight. It seems like it would be such a fun place to work and have really enjoyed meeting all of you.

Deanna Ginder January 29, 2019

A well oiled machine. I just want each and every one of your team to know how appreciative I am of all they do for R+R customers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best shopping anywhere!

Denise January 25, 2019

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