Beach Bags 101

A tailored beach bag will dictate whether or not you have a completely successful day at the beach. Due to the holiday last week, I had Friday off. The first thing I did was ask a couple of pals if they wanted to hit the beach with me. I couldn’t wait. I hadn’t lived near a beach for so long and I missed everything about it: the walk to find the perfect spot, boats hurtling across the horizon, the sound of their motors a few seconds behind the actual boat itself, boats and watercraft creating the waves crashing on shore, hot sand beneath my feet, and a reprieve from the cares of technology because the sun is too bright and my phone is tough to read. I was finally able to get away from responsibility, my dirty house, laundry, and all the many controversial topics that plague us, lately. 

Beach Bag- I found the coolest beach bag. It’s a bag on top and on the bottom is a small detachable cooler for drinks, food, etc. This was one of the better purchases I’ve made.

Beach blanket- I purchased mine off of Amazon, It’s an extra large sand free, waterproof blanket that comes with four anchor stakes to making sure it doesn’t go anywhere. I wanted this to serve as our ‘base’ where we sat. This blanket is perfect for two people, so we also laid out towels on either side of it, for added room.

Towels- If there is one thing I’ve learned while adulting, it’s don’t skimp on your beach towels. Yes, you can grab them for a few dollars, but if you spend a little more, you’ll get an extra wide, more plush towel and I guarantee, that’s what you’ll want.

Sunscreen- This is a must. My skin is very fair. Of course I want a little glow, but I don’t want to burn, so this is something I put on at home, prior to going into the sun. It’s also something I reapply every 20-30 mins because I don’t want to burn. 

Drinks- Adult bevy’s and water. You can never go wrong with bringing a huge water for yourself to keep hydrated. But sometimes, an adult bevy is fully needed to continue a successful beach day (of course, while you have a designated driver). 

Snacks- I love to bring a plethora of food to the beach—a mix between sweet and salty. My favorite snacks are light ones. I bring: Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Korn, Veggie Straws, Cuties, chicken salad wraps, and veggies along with greek yogurt and ranch seasoning. So, all super light snacks but nothing to make you feel super bloated in the hot sun.

Beach hat / baseball hat- If you’re crazy about your skin like I am, you’ll want to protect your face a little. 

Book- Don’t get me wrong, I love to chat with my friends until the cows come home, but sometimes, I want to just escape the world for a moment. 

Things I forgot that I wish I would’ve had:

Speaker- This comes in use when you just want to jam a little. We all want to hear music when we’re just trying to relax, right? Take your wireless speaker and make that happen.

Beach Tent/Canopy- This is something that I decided, last minute, not to splurge on, and I really wish I had. Nearly half the families at the beach had these and it would’ve been perfect for myself and my pals when we felt ourselves getting a little too hot. It’s also perfect because you can use it again and again but more than that, you can eat lunch in it or just have more privacy from the nearby people.

I feel like the more prepared you are, the more successful your trip to the beach will be. Take these tips and tricks that my friends and I came up with for the most perfect day and let us know what you don't forget in your beach bag. 

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I love this,great information in here! Still learning new things everyday! Thank you❤️

Amy Narshall July 09, 2020

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