Christmas Bucket List

I make one of these every year because I love December so much. Not only is it jam packed with holiday parties, friend get togethers, and all the love, it’s also my birthday month…and CHRISTMAS!

I’m starting early with Christmas things this year because I’m just ready for the the holidays. So, I’ve started a Christmas Bucket List and thought I’d give you any ideas to help this Christmas Season.

  1. Get an Advent Calendar of your choosing—this is such a fun way to count down the days of the month. You can do it with almost anything. I would say that my very favorite is some sort of chocolate, but I’ve seen everything from beauty and wine to socks and popup books—with everything in between.
  2. Grab the family and a hot cocoa and check out local listings around town to see some Christmas lights. There’s nothing more magical than looking to see what everyone else has done and both kids and adults will love it.
  3. Bake your favorite things- I know I’ve talked about this before, but sometimes when I don’t know what to buy my closest friends for Christmas, I’ll make them a homemade bread or coffeecake. I start out early in the morning and by the time evening hits, I’ve baked until I about drop and then I make all my deliveries while my bread is fresh and warm from the oven.
  4. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie. Turn that fireplace on or grab your warm cozy blanket and your loved ones and watch those cheesy movies. They’ve already started on some of the holiday channels.
  5. Many stores have Gingerbread kits. Grab one or two and have your family assemble one together. Often times, we do boys vs girls to see which one is better and then we have friends vote on them.
  6. Christmas Tree Farm- I know these are crazy around Christmas time, but they’re so magical. Pack up the family, grab the saw and head out. Most places have refreshments, rides or Santa for the kids and a great time and it’s a good way to waist away the day with the family. Then bring your tree back and decorate it as a family.
  7. Decorate Christmas cut out cookies. My family bakes these in advance and then we freeze them and bring them out when it works for everyone to get together and decorate with all the frosting colors, sprinkles, and more.
  8. Buy matching christmas pjs. I know that this is so cheesy, but I really cannot wait for my boyfriend and I to get dressed in matching pjs and then open presents together and pictures?! Hello, I can’t wait.
  9. Volunteer or donate to a charity of your choice. I know this is tough because this year has brought so many hardships, but I promise, what you gain through volunteering or donating is a far greater feeling than most. My favorite thing to do is Angel Tree.
  10. Create a new holiday tradition- Mine was Christmas baking. For the last 12 years, I’ve baked every year with either my mom or a friend. it’s been my way of spending time with people I love and also creating a recipe that my grandma passed down to me and getting to see her recipe spread throughout my friends on the coveted baking day.

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