Easy Christmas Gifts

Of course I say that these are 'easy' Christmas gifts, but I do want to preface that it will take a little legwork on your part as far as timing is concerned. So, you're looking for the perfect gift, something thoughtful because your recipient's tastes; but also something 'cool and different'. Each one of these ideas below, I have either tried or have a friend that has purchased them. They're all equally as amazing as the next. Not only are they cost effective, they have a neat concept! YOU just have to make sure that they get here in time, to open by Christmas. 

Man Crate- Perfect for the dudes in your life. My dad purchased these for my brothers a couple of years ago. They have to work hard at opening up the crate. But, once these are opened you find that the crates come in a variety of different prices and categories and they start $29.99 and go up from there. Everything from beard maintenance all the way to barware and grilling crates. There are many possibilities that you can tailor to your recipient.

Kiwi Co - This is a fun, monthly subscription company that will send a monthly kit that starts at just one month and starts at age 2-14+ and starts at $24.95. You can gift subscriptions and choose length: either one month all the way to one full year. You pick their interest and once they receive their shipment, they can: construct, draw, put together, whatever you choose

Winc- Where all my wino’s at?! This monthly subscription is available for the adults in your life. You can purchase a 1, 2, or 3 month subscription to wines for someone. They can go online, take a quick survey and within minutes have their favorite wine picked out. This subscription starts out at Stars at $60 and will ship right to their door.

Craft Beer club- My friends love this one! This monthly subscription starts at $44. From there, you can pick the amount of shipments you'd like to send. Each box will showcase two different breweries from two different regions in the US. It will include four different beer styles (two from each brewery), which change each month. These include the brewery’s award-winning, flagship, or most popular beers for you to discover and enjoy.

Book of the Month club - This is a monthly subscription you can start at 3, 6, or 12 months. Your recipient can choose from five new books each month. And for the bookworms in your life, that's not too bad. Not only do you give something that they enjoy, but something that can keep using once your subscription gift has expired--by purchasing on their own.

Omaha Steaks- Okay, need I say more!? Meat has been so difficult to get this year and this is already pre packaged for you. During this time of year, keep your eyes peeled for coupons in mailers or just even online—they run specials all the time and their meat is really dang good! My brothers and I have gotten this for my dad a couple of times and he really loves it. It's such an easy experience, too. 

23 and Me - I know this is a little strange, but I know several families who have gotten this as Christmas gifts. Genetic testing, right? People are always wondering where they come from, but it's a bit pricey, so honestly there aren't many that would purchase it for themselves. Right now, they're offering 50% off and the starting cost is $79 (with the discount). Many people wonder where they came from and want to confirm their backgrounds and what better way is this?

There are seven 'easy' ideas for Christmas gifts if you're struggling on what to get your family and friends. Just hop online and do some clicking and in no time, you'll have all the people on your list, crossed off. Happy shopping! 

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