Merry Christmas

The time is almost upon us. There are a few of you that have all your shopping done. Your tree is up and decorated. All your baking is done and divvied out to all the special people in your life. Your gifts are wrapped….while the rest of us are still trying to get our lives together and probably out Christmas shopping right now as we chastise our inner selves for again waiting until the very last possible moment.

*Big sigh*. What a year this has been. When I look back at it, I almost find myself at a loss for words. I’m on a constant pendulum swinging from ‘okay’ to ‘not okay’, depending on the hour or story I find myself in. But in times of social distancing and slowing down with almost everything possible, I’ve been trying to find the peace in this life. I’ve been trying to settle into this new role and find comfort in the little things while remembering not to take things for grated. It’s been a tough, boring-but-not-so-boring-year.

So, while you’re making it through the next few days of Christmas with any small get togethers you may or may not have, we are praying that you are blessed with peace, love, and joy! From all of us here at Royal and Reese, we'd like to wish you and your loved ones, Merry Christmas! 

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