Collaborating with Sharon Says So

We all have that amazing friend. The friend we LOVE because they say exactly what we're thinking, even when we might not have the nerve to say it out loud.
For Tara, Whit, and Kait, that new friend is Sharon McMahon, the personality behind Sharon Says So. You might recognize her face and brand from our recent Sharon Says So collection, but some of you may be asking "Who's Sharon?" or "Why did you collaborate with her?" or "How does a collaboration work?" Well, here's a little insight into our collaboration with the fabulous Sharon!

How the R+R Sisters Met Sharon
Tara, Whit, and Kait first met Sharon at Suzy School where Sharon had come looking to teach other photographers how to make more money. The sisters immediately fell in love with Sharon because she was such a breath of fresh air! She gave honest truths and challenged them to think deeper and step outside their comfort zone. Sharon was constantly making the sisters laugh and, ever since Suzy School, has been the glue that held all the new friends together.
The sisters say their relationship with Sharon may have started at Suzy School but it was the conversations, the TikToks shared, and the support behind closed doors after Suzy School that helped this close-knit friendship truly blossom.

Who's Sharon?
Not only is Sharon a loyal friend, she is the personality behind the popular Sharon Says So brand. She uses her wit and honesty to help hundreds of thousands of people become well-informed and involved in politics through her SharonSaysSo Instagram and her SharonSaysSo podcast. On her website she says, "my mission is simple: I aim to cover daily headlines, break down national political coverage and biases, and extract the facts."

Sharon has been featured on CNNGood Morning America, and more, and has built a community of "Governerds", a following of people who are also looking for truth and peace in this tense political climate.

The Collaboration Begins
About a year ago, while keeping in touch with the sisters, Sharon suggested a collaboration between Royal + Reese and Sharon Says So. With the sisters onboard with the idea, they got right to work to see what they could come up with for their friend. They tried different outfits, but after one of the many failed try-on hauls, the sisters said to Sharon "what if we outfit you and we were the try-on that actually worked?!" 
Sharon loved the idea and the sisters were up for the challenge! Sharon gave them VERY specific instructions:
  • no stripes
  • ruffles (but not too many ruffles)
  • no black or white
  • florals (but not tiny floral)
  • unique prints (but not too out there)
  • no sleeveless
  • long skirts (but she prefers midi)
  • absolutely NO hard pants


In the end, the sister found about 12 pieces Sharon absolutely loved and her followers loved them too!

Ready, Set, Launch!

On August 6th at 9 am, the Sharon Says So collection was released! The collection features Sharon Says So merchandise, as well as, clothes that Sharon (and any working professional) could wear every day.

Sharon's community of Governerds loved the new collection and so did the R+R community, the "Loyal Royals". The sisters said what they love about the Governerds is that they are just like the Loyal Royals! They have the same common goals in mind. They love people and they support those around them.  It felt like the two communities aligned so well that it was such a natural fit to work with Sharon professionally, outside of being her friend.

A Friend for Life

The Sharon Says So collection has been a hit and the sisters have loved working with their new friend!

They said that Sharon is super intentional and checks in frequently to see how they're doing. She's cheers for them in their wins and encourages them during their challenging times. She really is a friend for life.


You can visit the Sharon Says So collection here and visit Sharon's Instagram here to see why everyone loves her!

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