Making that Clothing Transition from Summer to Fall

There are two kinds of people in the world.

There are the Summer Lovers. These are the people who never want summer to end. They could soak up the sun all year long and live in a swimsuit. If you're one of these people, you might dread the changing of the seasons and putting your summer clothes away.

Then there are the Fall Fans. These people are already wearing their sweaters and drinking their pumpkin spice lattes when the calendar hits September 1st and still 80 degrees outside. If this is you, you might be looking forward to the cooler weather.

No matter which team you're on, we can help you make that clothing transition from summer to fall without buying a whole new wardrobe. The name of the game is layering. 

Hang onto those summer tanks and sleeveless maxi dresses because they can be the base for your new fall outfit. Layering allows you to give your summer clothes an extra long life and helps with temperature control as we head into the fall and winter months. So grab your favorite summertime top and let's start adding these layers accordingly!


We love a cozy cardigan and they make great layering pieces. Since they aren't quite as warm as a jacket, you can wear them inside the house and outside of the house without even thinking about it. One minute you're inside finishing the dishes and the next you're outside in the brisk fall air heading for the mailbox. This light layer is already keeping you warm and looking fabulous. Throw one of these cardigans over a tank or short-sleeve shirt and you're on your way to your fall clothing transition.



First off, what is a Shacket? It's a shirt-jacket. Get it? Shacket! If cardigans aren't really your things or you're wanting to switch up your cardigan look, you can try a shacket! These shackets are truly unique and act as a heavier shirt that you can throw over another shirt. Not only will they keep you warm, the plaid pattern is perfect for a stroll through a pumpkin patch!

(Left to right: Van Plaid Shacket, Rayne Plaid Shacket, Karina Plaid Shacket)


Another layering option is the light jacket. This is a great option for those extra breezy days since they tend to be made of a sturdier fabric compared to the flowy nature of a cardigan. When we think of jackets, we can sometimes think more about function and warmth over look and style. Luckily, we have options that check all the boxes. Cute, warm, stylish, and functional!

(Left to right: Danica Demin Jacket, Mya Jacket, Alexia Aztec Jacket)

So, are you a Summer Lover or a Fall Fan? Either way, we have the layering pieces to help you look great and stay warm this fall! Which transitional piece is your favorite? 

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