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Chances are that you’ve shopped with Royal + Reese before and now you’re being nothing short of magnificent by reading our blog! WELCOME! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to all of you readers out there, since we have some Newbies. My name is Brittany, but you may know me as ‘Wallzy’. I’m the Web Manager here at, Royal + Reese, and I also write most of the blogs!

I try to stick to topics that are most relative to today, also mixing in some R+R fashion, maybe sprinkling in topics that are closest to my heart…or anything that remotely revolves around food or a recipe. And, while I do prepare most all the blogs, I, sometimes, get the chance to have some guest writers as well, to talk about all things mommy. With that being said, what kinds of things would you love to hear or read about? We’d love to hear some ideas from you, so comment below, or write in a facebook comment. But this week, I wanted to talk to you about about something that we love here at, Royal + Reese…our DOD’s!

You may have seen the abbreviation, “DOD”, when you peruse through our website and wonder what it means when it’s placed at the end of some product names. Deal of the Days, or what we call our DOD’s, means that we bring you a variety of colors and sizes of one type of article of clothing. It takes our inventory and web team twice as long on Deal of the Days because there is more to damage check and we have to make sure that each color is correctly placed with the right picture. But, it’s all worth it because, If you’ve ever heard Kait, she always says, “Replace your basics.” Did you know that we also put, Deal of the Day’s at a lower price point for you to take advantage. If you’ve not checked out our DOD today, it’s the Pam Dress. This dress is a strapless maxi with elastic around the top to keep it in place. The long skirt drapes incredibly lovely and hello!? It. has. pockets! You can style Pam with or without a belt. You can wear her with flats or heels….and you can add some jewels to dress her up for a wedding, or a cute boho bag—and cue the beach. Pam is so versatile!

So, while you’re checking out allllll the colors and posts on the Pam Dress DOD, let us know if there are any blog topics you’d love to hear about or anything you’re curious about. We look forward to hearing from you!


I think it would be so fun to for you guys to come up with a beauty hack blog and have it be a JUICY one 😂! I love finding ways to do my makeup quicker or little tricks to heal a pimple I wasn’t aware of! I think everyone would love this!!

Julie Krajci May 23, 2019

I love to hear about everyone’s faith journey. Tara and Whit and Kait have shared some amazing things about theirs and it is so encouraging and uplifting. Also, anything on work life balance would be great. Thanks for sharing these blogs. They are great reads and you can definitely tell they come from the heart. <3

Ashley Long May 23, 2019


Jeni May 23, 2019

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