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Self Care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

Do you ever just get to a point, where you feel like your world is beginning to crash down around you? Maybe that seems a little dramatic, but we’ve all been there, right? When it seems like you’ve jumped big hurdle after big hurdle…and the next thing you know, something small happens—like you stub your toe or get a paper cut, annnnndddddd cue your entire world crashing to the floor.

Self Care is so important. Most of us have stressful, fast paced lives and we rarely realize when we need to stop, and take a step back. Sometimes, we are even too consumed by technology and we simply need to unplug from the world. Ultimately, the vast majority of us fail in self care, mainly because ‘me’ time is usually us feeling guilty about taking the time to take care of ourselves. Recognizing this is the first step, so I took a poll to give you some ideas on self care, from some of our very own girls here at, Royal and Reese, and here’s what they do:

-face mask or try new skin care



-stuffing their faces with pizza, fast food, or chocolate

-watching Netflix or a movie that makes them cry.

-bubble bath

-have coffee

-margaritas or wine

-enjoying time with friends and family

-play with their pets


-working out


So, whether you feel like your world is crashing down, you feel burnt out or depleted… I want to remind you to take of yourself. Filling your own cup, first, is important so you are able to function and be there for the other people who need you. What are some of the ways that you do self care?! Share with us!

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My favorite self care is manicured and massages! And when that’s not available, Netflix and puppy cuddles are the next best thing!!

Jennifer Brenner May 21, 2019

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