Destined for Greatness

“B, I just feel like I’ve got a bigger destiny than this. I feel like I’m supposed to have a profound effect on the world…and I’m just not doing what I thought I would be doing…” one of my best friends said to me the other day.  I met Justin and his wife, Sara, in college. We live over 600 miles apart, but we still can pick up right where we left off. You know how you meet people for a season and they add a richness to your life that you cannot describe. They push you to think harder, to achieve your dreams, and champion you more than most. Justin is that friend to me.

When I was in college, more than anything I wanted to be a writer. I wasn’t sure what kind, but I was positive that whatever I would do, it would be something awe-inspiring. I would write something that would surprise people, something that would grip at their souls and connect their experiences with mine; all at the same time—keeping it light hearted and comical. The English Chair at my university worked with me, one on one, as my mentor. Together, we studied my favorite writer; F. Scott Fitzgerald. After reading and writing several papers on Fitzgerald, I decided to put together my capstone (senior thesis) on the relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald, his wife Zelda, and the oppression that was brought against women in the 1920’s and on. I argued whether or not F. Scott had stolen Zelda’s stories and took them for his own. Zelda was so vivacious with such a colorful mind; a free spirit, and amazing writer—was she behind the stories that F. Scott published while her mental health was questioned? We will never know…

All this to say, I completed my 26 page capstone and was able to present it to my fellow English Majors. It was one of the first times I knew I had a larger purpose in this life. The emotions I felt while presenting, made me aware that this was something that I wanted to do later on. Because, like Justin, I do feel like I’m destined for greatness; and although my visions and life have evolved immensely since graduating nearly five years ago; I will still write my story. One day, there will be a book out on the shelves with my name on it and I can only hope that it has a lively, cartoon front cover and is available for your kiddos to read. THAT, is my dream. For now, though, I’ll enjoy every single moment I have, writing the blog for Royal + Reese. And, it’s been my experience in my 34 years on this earth, that each and every one of YOU are destined for greatness in your own lives, as well. So, while we may question when our greatness will show up, remember to give thanks to the journey that brought you to the place you are now.


I agree, that we are destined for greatness. Greatness can also be, smiling at the person who doesn’t have anyone in their lives, being a loving mother or wife. God’s definition of “greatness” is different than ours..

Candace (Candy) Gomes January 17, 2019

Love this B!!! ❤️

Tammy January 17, 2019

Great read from one book writing hopeful to another. ps who is authoring these blog entries?

Jacki Ralph January 17, 2019

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