I hate even writing the word. It enters our lives with a jolt and slowly creeps into every area; leaving no stone unturned. Reluctantly, I’m guessing that each and every one of you knows at least one person, who’s life has been turned upside down from the “c” word. With a heavy heart, I write to you… I write to you with tear filled eyes and wet cheeks as I remember a man in my life that was taken too soon by that awful word. He wasn’t my grandpa, he wasn’t my father, he wasn’t my brother, but dangit—he was my friend. He was a grandpa, better yet, he was a ‘Grampy’, he was an encouraging father, a loving husband, and he was a good brother and son. His name was Charles, “Chuck”.

Although our time as friends was short, Chuck was one of my favorite people to be around. He knew not one stranger. In fact, Chuck was often known for helping anyone out, giving them his last dollar, supporting them when he didn’t have much, or picking up a homeless man walking off the street and buying him a hot meal. He could talk to anyone and he had the best stories and dad jokes all around. His face seemed like a beam of light and his light never faded. He trusted, until the end, that God would bring him through and over every hurdle he faced on a regular basis.

I watched and listened from the sidelines as my sister in law kept me up to date on the newest events with her dad. I watched endless tears fall down her cheeks. I watched her chin quiver as she spoke. I watched her try to be strong, countless times, by taking a breath to gather her thoughts and hold back her tears; collecting herself. I watched her get angry and wonder why her family, why her dad. I watched her question God and try to find some sliver of hope to hold onto. It’s difficult to measure a life or even understand the profound influence my sister in law’s father had on our family and with my nephew, Mason. It’s hard to put into words, let alone a short blog post, the amazing man that he was.

For one of Chuck’s last weeks on this earth, a few of us decided to get all his friends and family to send in videos to say their goodbyes. We had over fifty videos of friends, family, and even his favorite doctors—who expressed their love for him. THAT, was how much Chuck was loved, over an hour of beautiful footage of weeping, tears, goodbyes, and so so much love. It was one of the most beautiful things I could have ever been a part of, but at the same time, it was heart wrenching—because we never will understand why cancer exists and why it hits so hard, taking our loved ones so soon.

Chuck was a beautiful soul and his light is an inspiration to the rest of us here on earth. If we could only carry the light, the strength, and the love of our fellow neighbors that Chuck did, our world would be a beautiful place. Point blank, cancer sucks, and it’s all too real; but if we can hold each other a little tighter, love a little more ferociously, and remember that everyone is fighting some sort of battle, our world may just be a bit brighter, given the circumstances. Love to you all that may be in this journey.


What an inspirational message for us all. Yes, cancer is a wicked, life altering event, but loving each other and touching the hearts of all those who are placed in our path, is what life is all about. Chuck gave of himself so others could be blessed.

Candy Gomes January 25, 2019

I’m so sorry for your loss. The C word, I know it all too well. My Momma is a breast cancer survivor. I’m also currently undergoing treatment for APL. It has been a rough year and a half, but God is helping me through each day. He is my healer and I’m standing on his promises.

Leila Curtis January 23, 2019

Your post brought tears to my eyes. While I haven’t lost any close to cancer, my grandfather is battling Parkinson’s right now and doesn’t even recognize me anymore. It is hard to see someone you love taken away from you a piece at a time. We must all cherish every moment with our loved ones, as you never know when it will be your last. As the Good Book says, “Lean not on your own understanding.” We may never know why, but we can make sure people know how much we care about them.

Michelle Oldfield January 23, 2019

So sorry for your loss!! 3 & a half year breast cancer survivor myself!! No one knows until you have been affected by it, either yourself, family or friends!! ((Hugs & prayers to everyone))

Kathy January 23, 2019

My great aunt just found out that her 3 year battle with cancer will be ending soon, as the tumor doubled in size and there is nothing more doctors can do. The only thing left we can do is to cherish the memories and praise God that she knows Him. It’s so hard, but we must keep joy even in the season of loss- if not, the enemy will win, and he comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Can’t let him win. Prayers for comfort and lots of hugs coming your way!

Deidre S January 23, 2019

So sorry for your loss! 🙁🙏🏻 You will be in my prayers! I too was diagnosed with Colon cancer on September 20th last year. I had surgery to remove the tumor along with 9 inches of my Colon. Fortunately the tumor was on the left side which is the better side if your going to have cancer in your Colon. The surgery was successful in putting back together the 2 ends of the Colon. I started preventative Chemo in December for 12 treatments. It’s been really rough to say the least but necessary to make sure not even one cell got by. I appreciate your prayers!! Thank you! 💙 #teamcat #Godsgotthis

Cathy Klump January 18, 2019

Sorry for your loss…cancer is awful. My husband fought and was in and out of remission over 10x before he lost his arm but we wasnt sure he would survive thankfully he is still with us.

Keri Lechtenberg January 18, 2019
This hits close to home as we lost my mother-in law at the end of October to Colon Cancer…Her battle was very short and hard. I am so sorry for your loss and what a wonderful tribute to Chuck ♥️
Mary Rosecrans January 18, 2019

So very sorry for your loss and this is a beautiful tribute to your very special Chuck.❤️

Denise January 18, 2019

Love the blog! So sorry for your loss! ❤️

Kayla January 18, 2019

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