Eating Our Way Through Nashville

Did you catch our Nashville Vlog? Did Whitney, Sara, and Jaiden inspire you to come to Nashville and recreate their trip? Did you think our food and shopping looked magnifique? If you answered, ‘yes’, to any of these questions, then I’mma spill the tea on the places the girls shopped and the restaurants we ate at. For them, it was about a six hour drive and once they got here, it felt like all we did was eat… in addition to the girls doing some light shopping.

The first night these beautiful ladies got in town, we headed to one of Kait’s favorite restaurants, Folk. With its super quaint vibes, Folk has all wood tables, brick walls, and greenery throughout. It feels cozy when you sit down with a group. It’s a smaller establishment, so it didn’t seem to get too loud or crowded. Although it has a unique menu, Folk’s most popular items are the wood fired pizzas. We started off with a bowl of olives and homemade bread and olive oil. While the homemade bread and olive oil was fresh and yummy, I passed on the olives (because I don’t like olives), but I heard they were good. Almost all of us ordered a personal pizza and I had the tomato, mozzarella, basil, parmesan. For dessert, we got the most coveted dessert to Kait, the Tiramisu Cream Puff—it was creamy, whipped heaven on a plate.

Our mornings always started with Bongo Java! Arguably, one of the best coffee brands in Nashville, we all started out our day with an Iced Caramel Latte. Its creamy goodness takes just a few minutes to make ready, but once the barista called out our names, we were in pure bliss. This is also a Kait favorite and something she has a couple times a week, often getting delivery at her home. It’s.that.good! 

For lunch the first full day, we headed to hole in the wall, Mas Tacos. This is a cash only joint (they have an ATM inside), where you have the potential to stand in line for several minutes, but it’s worth every delicious bite. Get the Carne Molida tacos and the Elote—off the cob, it’s also nice to follow up with a piping hot bowl of the Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was beautiful that day, so we sat outside in their outdoor seating and barely spoke because we all love Mexican food.

After a late lunch of Mas Tacos, we felt like we needed to go a healthier route by eating a True Food Kitchen. This place has more of a bang with the food vs the ambiance. This was my third time there and it’s dreadfully loud, but the food makes up for it. They use only fresh, healthy ingredients in their drinks and all of their food. We started off with the hummus plate, edamame dumplings with a truffle sauce, and guacamole. We each got different main dishes, but almost everyone finished their entire plate. Kait swears by the Kale Salad. 

The next day, the girls took off on an all out tourist haul when they headed to Nordstrom for some light shopping. They ate at Nordstrom Grill, and they all ordered the BLTA salad haha. (Kait took me back a week ago, to get this salad, again). The ladies walked the mall before heading further into Nashville to get the full sights. Uncommon James, Tribe Kelley, and 12 South were amongst their shopping adventures. Then, we all met up for dinner.

That night, we had Bar Taco. This restaurant is in 12 South and is always packed to the max. The wait time was really long, but it’s worth it for their margaritas and Mexican food. (are you seeing a theme, yet?). We sat in a large wooden booth and thought the ordering process was fun—you write your name down on a restaurant pad of paper that has all their menu options laid out. You checkmark which things you want; then put a card up to show you’re ready to order. It’s an insanely efficient way to order at a restaurant and even though it was crazy, our service was phenomenal!

Andddddd, that’s it! That’s how Kait, Whitney, Sara, Jaiden, and I ate our way through Nashville while they were in town! But, don’t take my word for how much we loved it, go to our Youtube channel and watch our vlog!


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