Replace Your Basics

When my sister and I were in high school, she would always have a favorite shirt for about six months. It was the era of Abercrombie and Fitch and we loved to share clothes, but she always had one shirt that she would wear relentlessly; every week. It always made an appearance. As the weeks went on, it would get more and more disgusting. The armpits would start to get permanent pit stains where her deodorant would rub off. It didn’t matter how many times you’d wash it. And, because she was a little older and cooler than me, I always aspired to dress like her. So, I’d wear the shirt when she’d least likely expect it, and then she would get annoyed when she’d see me wearing it. Thus, adding to the grossness of said shirt. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how important it is to replenish your basics. It can change the exact appearance of the way you look, and guess what? It’s not even that expensive. Here’s what you should replenish: tank tops, tees, and denim—just to name a few.

I’m not sure about you, but I have a basic tank top drawer chock full of white and black tank tops that I layer underneath my shirts. Admittedly, some of these older tank tops have frayed straps or worn marks where I constantly tug at them to pull them down. These worn tank tops are now my bedtime tanks. The newer ones, I swap out every so often to layer underneath my everyday shirts. Actually, I only keep these newer tanks for about three to six months before I retire them to lounging around the house. But hello, tank tops are kind of like underwear. If you want to feel good and fresh, you’ll bring in new ones to make you feel sparkly and clean. (or is it just me with new undergarments?).

I have the same to say for t-shirts. I’m a tee junkie! I’ll buy the most random shirts wherever I go, because I live in them. They all represent a part of my life, so for me, I always want to look fresh. Think about it, there’s nothing like putting on a new, crisp tee. It has good structure, good color, nothing is faded and best of all…there are no pit stains. You.are.looking.FRESH! Now, think about Royal + Reese’s Deal of the Days! Almost every day, we put out a Deal of the Day with a lower price point, to make it easily attainable. We want to give you affordable and colorful options on the basics that you’re going to wear the most; your layering pieces!

Now, let’s talk about denim. I have pairs of denim from about five years ago. Do I still wear them? Yes. Do they look like crap? Yes. Do I wear them out when I want to look nice? Nooooo. Denim starts to ball up and get thin around the thighs and butt and we can all tell when someone is wearing old denim. I’m not ashamed to admit that I get thigh rubbage and because of that, my pants are thinner and will rip easier. To combat this, I make sure to replace or buy a new pair of denim almost every two months! I have a lot, yes, but hey after awhile, I’m sick of seeing myself in the same jeans and I’m sure everyone else is, too. Anddddd, I don’t know when I’ve ever seen denim priced as low as what Royal + Reese has it at. We make it easy to find new, fashionable denim with the best styles…with or without distressing. 

So, while you’re Marie Kondo-ing your closets and life this spring season, remember to replace your basics. Don’t be like my sister and I sharing shirts for months on end, with gross pit stains haha. Brighten up your life with our Deal of the Day basics, tank tops, and low priced denim! We make it inexpensive to find your favorite basic things.

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