Fall Fun

The leaves are slowly turning and bingeing to fall. Each day you’re pulling on more long sleeved shirt out of the closet. Fall season is such a favorite to many and this year, we’re probably ready to get it under way much quicker than ‘normal’ years.  Here are some fun ideas to help you kick off the season and begin to get you ready for the winter months.

Apple Orchard - Why is it so fun to ride in a big dusty wagon to a location where you can pick your own apples?! I don’t know why, but I love it. Then, you can usually go inside and find your pick of more bagged apples, grocery goods significant to the orchard and donuts—goodness gracious, the donuts…I bought a dozen, andddd a caramel apple, because why not? 

Making Apple Treats - Apple crisp, applesauce, apple pies, you name it. Gotta use all your apples and hey if they go bad, you can use your apples in homemade potpourri.

Wreath Making Night - Buy all the things you need to make a wreath, but in bulk and invite your closest gal pals to come make a wreath with you. Open a bottle of wine, some spiked apple cider, or just have mocktails—the possibilities are endless. At the end of the night, you’ll have quality time with friends and a new wreath for your front door. 

Pumpkin Carving - Ya got to, right? Grab your favorite pumpkins, use stencils, free hand, or use paint to paint a picture on the outside. Take it to the next level with friends and have them bring their favorite appetizers. This is easily a project you can do outdoors to cut down on mess.

Fall Movie Day - Perhaps my favorite day ever because my friends and I get together and we make our two favorite things: potato soup and ham and swiss sliders. We just sit back and watch a couple of movies and then we follow up with a warm brownie al a mode or some sort of apple dessert.

Buy Fall Candles - I’m not kidding, this is a pastime with my friends and I. We all get together and head to Bath & Body Works to grab our favorite fall candles and wallflower scents so we can bask 100% in the goodness, whether in our home or car.

What are some of the things you and your friends do during the fall season?

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