R+R Favorite Starbucks Drinks

I see you girl. I see you in the car, taking a picture of your Starbucks drink in front of your steering wheel. It's a must, right? Gotta let the world know that you're caffeining up and give them the skinny on the magical concoction you've chosen, in that beautiful clear cup with the gorgeous green emblem.

So, given the colder time of year and all of us wanting to cozy up with a beverage and do all the fall things, I thought it would be interesting to get our entire staff’s favorite Starbucks drink. For those of you on Tik Tok or social media, have you seen those secret drink recipes from Starbucks baristas, all over? I’m obsessed with learning all the cool drinks or adding a secret flavor to something, it makes ordering a coffee more fun! Here is what Royal + Reese staff said about their favorite drinks:

Tara: Venti iced chai with pumpkin foam, she also likes Starbucks unsweetened tea with a couple packets of sweetener.

Whitney: Double shot on ice with cream, no classic, 1 packet of Stevia

Kait: Venti Pumpkin cream cold brew, 1 pump vanilla, 1 pump pumpkin

Sara: Her newest is: Iced oat milk honey latte / Her always love: iced matcha latte with coconut milk.

Jaiden: Venti iced chai with oat milk

Alyssa:  Grande iced green tea latte

Amanda: Grande Starbucks double shot on ice, no classic, with 2 pumps vanilla and white mocha

Mati: Grande Iced Americano with coco almond milk cold foam / Grande iced chai with pumpkin cold foam. “Truly the best drink to ever exist, but she is sweet so I gotta be careful”

Kylie: Grande vanilla iced chai with oat milk

Anna: Grande iced chai latte

Tess: Grande Doubleshot on Ice with White Mocha

Brittany: Venti Cold brew with salted caramel cold foam, light ice. 

So, because I love our staff so much, I've tried a few of these drinks already. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, so all that is lost on me during the fall, but I'm curious to know... What is YOUR favorite Starbucks drink?! Share with us what your ‘go to’ is!

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