My Most Worn Jewelry

I might be in the minority here, but I like mainly wearing jewelry that has sentimental value. I'll obviously switch it up when the occasion calls for it, but the jewelry I wear day to day, all has memory or meaning attached to it. 

I wear three necklaces. The first and shortest, is a Maya Brenner necklace that my sister Tara bought me three years ago. I had been wanting one of these necklaces for a really long time but they are pretty pricey. Tara surprised the executive team with them, and I cried when I opened mine. It has the letter's "R" and "I" on it for my son's names. I haven't taken it off since the day she gave it to me. I LOVE it!

The next necklace I wear is the newest of the bunch. It's a snake chain that I bought myself for my birthday this year while I was shopping with my mom and my sister's at Living With Landon's store in Nashville. It was SUCH a fun day and I'm reminded of it every time I put it on. And I just added a letter "E" to it for my baby girl, so now I have all of my children represented around my neck!

The third and longest necklace is one that my husband bought me for Valentine's day that has a tiny pendant with Jesus's face. I love wearing little subtle symbols of my faith, and having little reminders of my loving Father around my everyday life. 

What are some sentimental jewelry pieces that you love to wear? 

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