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Did you know that Royal + Reese has an internship program?

For three months / 160 hours, you can intern at Royal and Reese and receive college credit hours. Each semester, when we begin with new interns, we like to show them the ropes from everything behind the scenes: receiving inventory/tagging, content/photoshoots, adding information on the website, moving forward towards customer facing in sales, representing our brand, and finally, shipping— and all the things in between.

We like to give all of our interns a real, authentic look at what goes into actually having and running a clothing line. And, while we pride ourselves on being a well oiled machine, the truth is, we still learn things daily. But, we love to share that knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who has an eye for fashion. From the moment our interns are with us, we take them through what each day and specific area looks like. Below, Lauren shares with us her first couple of days of when she worked in office…

Hi there! My name is Lauren Sloan. I am currently a senior at Illinois State University studying Fashion Merchandising. I just recently began my internship at Royal and Reese, and so far it has been such a thrill for me. As I am a fashion major, this internship has been an eye opening experience, already. There is so much to learn behind the scenes of an online boutique, and they have each niche of it down to a science. My first day, I spent learning each area of the business and shipping out packages to customers, this is fun because I enjoyed seeing the items that were exceptionally popular to the shoppers. On my second day, I was able to be a part of photoshoots, which was something completely new to me. I have loved being able to be a part of photoshoots and also help to create social media content. I am learning more about myself and the areas of business that I would like to master. As any other intern might be I was a little unsure and nervous going into it, but each day I am becoming more confident. 

While this last intern group has only with us (in person) a few weeks due to the current pandemic, we are still doing everything in our power to give them the best internship possible while working with them now, remotely. Although that part has been more difficult because most everything we do is in office, we couldn’t love our internship program more! We love to meet new faces, gain perspective and constructive criticism to better ourselves, watch new faces grow and learn in their respective roles, as well as, find out more about them and their future goals and successes. If you'd like to find out more information, check out
Royal and Reese.com under the "About" section. 

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