My Favorite Sugar Free Snacks

I know what you're thinking, because I used to think the same thing. But I promise that "sugar free" is not code for "really gross". Our society has come a long way in understanding the dangers of having too much sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners like aspartame. And in doing so, there have been a lot of companies that are starting to use better alternatives like stevia and sugar alcohols. 

I did the honors for you and tested out a bunch of snacks to let you know which ones are the best tasting. You're welcome!

1. Smart Sweets! This company makes a plethora of different candy using allulose. Allulose is a natural sugar found in fruit (mainly), is low in caloric content and it does not increase your blood glucose level! I will warn that they are not as cheap as other sugar loaded candy, but they are worth every penny! I've tried everything they offer, and they do NOT disappoint! 

2. Choczero chocolate bark! This company uses monkfruit as sweetener, and it's my favorite sugar free chocolate hands down. Often times sugar free chocolate can have a chalky texture or weird after taste, but these are very smooth and buttery. My all time favorite flavor is the Peppermint!

3. High Key Cookies! My sister bought a bunch of these for me, and I have to say I was skeptical because up until this point, I hadn't found a good sugar free cookie. They were always disappointing, but these changed the game for me! They use a mixture of monkfruit, erythritol, and stevia, so they do have a bit of a cooling effect in the aftertaste but they are VERY tasty. The double chocolate brownie flavor is by far the best!

What are some of your healthier favorites?

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