Scotcharoo Mome

Give me an “S” !
Give me ah “C” !
Give me an “O” !
Give me ah “T” !
Give me ah “C” !
Give me an “H” !
Give me an “AROO” !

What’s that spell!?

S C O T C H A R O O !

Okay, can we have a mome for these bad boys?! My mom used to make them for my brothers and I when we were little. Now, my brothers and I all make them, my cousins make them, my aunts make them. Honestly, the best sweet treat, second to none. They’re quick and insanely easy to make for friend hangs, picnics, showers and gatherings, or yourself—if you’re in the kitchen and craving sweets.

Yesterday, some of my very favorite people came to my house to surprise me and brought me allllll the goodies to cheer me up. AND, amongst that plethora of food...were Scotcharoos and I wanted, nay, needed to take a moment to pause and give you the recipe for these delectable little buggers. Such a yummy treat!


1 c. peanut butter                                                    6 c. Rice Krispies

1 c. sugar                                                                 6 oz. butterscotch chips

1 c. light corn syrup                                                 6 oz. chocolate chips

Melt the peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup in sauce pan. Stir constantly and do not boil. Once melted together, mix with Rice Krispies in a bowl. Then, pat mixture into 9x13” or jelly roll pan, depending on thickness desired. Next, in separate pan, melt butterscotch and chocolate chips together and spread over top of patted Rice Krispies. Chill.


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