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There are three really spectacular things about today: 1.) It’s Friday,  2.) January is finally over and February is here, 3.) it’s time for another blog post about favorite podcasts out, right now. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for new podcasts due to the fact that it helps fill the day as you drive, work, do household chores, or maybe just want to escape reality for an hour or so.

I am a detail oriented person and my job focuses on precision and meticulousness. I need a podcast to hold my attention but not pull me away from the fastidiousness I need for my tasks at hand. Because of that, I’m extremely selective on what I can and cannot listen to. To be honest, I probably try a new podcast each week, and rarely do they make the cut. They’re either too obnoxious, too crude, or too boring. Rarely do I find ones that I want to invest my time in…but in January—the longest and coldest month of our lives, I was fortunate enough to find not one but TWO podcasts that speak to my soul.

The first podcast is called “Basically Basic” and it’s hosted by, “…two basic girls, Cammie Avers & Amanda Lackey, giving glory to God for the big and BASIC things.” These two sweet ladies are full of life and laughter. They have an underlying theme in each episode and that is to champion their friends and guests in Christ. They walk us through stories with their guests, and at times get to down to the nitty gritty— all while still pulling it off in a comfortable setting, even though it’s often so vulnerable and raw. If you didn’t know, these girls interviewed Kait, one of Royal + Reese’s executives, and she really gets real in such a beautiful way. They’ll also let you know exactly what Starbucks they’re drinking and why, so it’s fun to hear about new coffee drinks.

The second podcast that speaks to me is, The Moth. These are people, like you and me, that get up tell stories from a pivotal moment in their life. There are stages all over the country.  These people get up and tell these stories that have been everything from near death experiences, to fleeing homelands, talking about loved ones with cancer and how they overcame, and everything in between. The stories are only about 15-20 minutes long, but all tug at your heartstrings. Each storyteller has such a different outcome and they just want their story to be heard. To be honest, a lot of them put me in tears, but it’s a good cry. It shows us how other people may feel or what went through their head— at an exact moment, or how they choose to not give up on life or each other. It’s completely inspiring and beautiful.

So, while you’re out and about today and trying to ‘seek’ past the commercials or static on the radio, open up your Spotify or your podcast app and give one of these two podcasts, a whirl. I promise you won’t regret it. Oh, and Happy FEBRUARY!

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