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I admit it. I’m not much into jewelry or accessories. Often times, I leave the house wearing the exact same thing…black from head to toe. Every now and again, I will wear a little color—which leads my entire friend group to question my mental stability haha. I’m a no fuss kinda lady which means, aside from making sure my makeup and hair look presentable and my black outfit looks crisp. BUT, this year, I’m trying to introduce myself to new colors, simple pieces of jewelry and other cute pieces that will add a ‘pop’ to my outfit. Yes, it’s April and I’m still adjusting, but right now, we have some really great pieces at Royal + Reese and I wanted to tell you about them!

Scarves. Because they’re so versatile and so trendy, our obsession is real with scarves. You can tie them around your neck, wear them as a top (if they’re large enough, like one we carried in the past), wear them as a headband or around your ponytail, or put them on a handbag that you love, for a pop of color. My personal favorite is one that has already released called the Abigail Scarf, which has a houndstooth pattern with red and black trim. My second favorite is one that releases tomorrow and it’s the Dolley Scarf, which is a leopard and floral printed scarf, SWOON! These can go with so many outfits or accessories and there are so many ways to tie them.

Jewelry. I LOVE anything that feels like it brings purpose…so when I saw that Royal + Reese started carrying, Brass & Unity jewelry, I wanted to know more about it. Kelsi Sheren, Founder of Brass & Unity created the company when *she served in the Canadian Forces. She was diagnosed with severe PTSD and forced to return home. She wanted to give back to Veterans that were less fortunate than herself; so she gives a portion of the proceeds to help fund programs around the world to give Veterans the help they need. I mean, how amazing is that! We love to support a beautiful company such as this! They ‘up-cycle’ brass pieces and we have a few of their things, at Royal + Reese.  
Unity Necklace- It’s a 33" plated brass chain, available in gold, rose gold, and silver. The chain woven through the ring represents unity. The chain represents you and the ring represents a loved one, fallen soldier, or family member. We have it available in gold and rose gold.
Shine Bright Crystal Necklace- These necklaces have a plated brass chain that measures at 33" in length. These have a 7.62 shell casing with either one or two Swarovski crystals. Seriously, so beautiful. We have these in single and double.
Mini Warrior Bracelet- These bracelets have 6mm colored beads with a 0.338 shell casing. We have them available in Howlite and Amethyst.

So, if you didn’t know how cool our jewelry and accessories were, head to Royal + Reese and start looking! We’re bringing the heat!

*information found at Brass and Unity

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