Royal + Reese Gets An APP!


If you didn’t hear that yet, then this. is. your. announcement! For the past four years, our Facebook: Royal + Reese VIP has been our main platform. We have used this to help sell our clothes, shoes, accessories and more…but more importantly, we have Facebook to connect to all of YOU. Although we have added other platforms to our repertoire, Facebook is still our largest following. Unfortunately, due to algorithms and other things beyond our control, it was time to move to our own platform, where we have the ability to dictate what and who is able to see our posts. SO, while we are in our final stages before launch, I asked Tara (our CEO) to provide a little more information to give you a little glimpse into how the app idea began and a few features to look forward to! We are so excited and hope that you will join in the excitement with us! Stay tuned for a launch date!

Who had the idea to develop an app for Royal and Reese? 
Whit is actually the one that first suggested us creating our own app.  We knew we didn't want to have all of our eggs in Facebook's basket so it was a way to diversify our social media channels.

Why did you decide you wanted to create an app?
We wanted the ability to control our own destiny.  We had gone through algorithm changes with Instagram and that dramatically changed the flow of our business.  When the same thing started happening with Facebook, we knew we couldn't allow our business to be controlled by anyone but us, ourselves.

How long has the app been in the making?
We first started talking to the app company in April of last year.  We had our first planning meeting in August and they started developing after Labor Day.

Is the app for both iPhone and droid users?
Yes it will be both iOS and Android

What is, in your opinion the coolest thing about the app for RR?
Our two favorite pieces is that the app will streamline all of our social media channels into one place and there is a shop-able video option so our lives will now allow customers to add products to their carts without leaving the video.

What are you most excited about for launch?
To be able to notify customers of what we’re doing.  For so long, customers have told us they are not receiving our notifications or getting them days later.  It will be so nice to have people see the products we post at the time we post them. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 
The app is a fun place for us to add exclusive content.  We feel like this is just the first generation of a lot more cool features to come.  We’re hoping that the app will continue to grow our community but also help our customer base feel more connected but having it all in one place.

There you have it! Just a little information from the CEO, herself. Stay tuned for a launch date. We cannot wait for you all to see this!


Clothing looks great. Friend put me on to you. So glad. Hope you have blessed and prosperous year

Maryellen jones January 07, 2020

Congrats! This is awesome!

Dan June 07, 2019

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