Mother's Day

What better way to honor our mothers than by setting aside an entire day to celebrate them? To be honest, that doesn’t even feel like it’s enough. As I get older, the more I appreciate all of the love and sacrifices that my mom has provided me…even when I wasn’t always deserving of it. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about the perfect gift or gifts to give, so why not peruse Royal + Reese for a few good gift ideas!

My favorite piece in the shop right now, is the “Dignity and Strength’ Crewneck. The sweater is incredibly soft and fits like a dream. It also has dainty lettering on front that says, “Royal + Reese”. On each sleeve it says either “Dignity” or “Strength” in the same writing. We have a few different shades to choose from and these bad boys are  c o z y.

Another favorite piece I have is the Cindy Ruffle Tunic. It’s available in three colors and is super girly, but extremely flattering. You can wear it as a dress, as Tammy did in our photos. Or, you can pair it with a pair of leggings, cute heels, and a trendy hat, like Tess. This is perfect for spring and gives us all the ruffle vibes.

The Myla Floral Dress is another one I love. We’ve carried this twice now and are in love with it. The floral pattern is gorgeous for the warmer days. It can be worn as is with it’s racerback, or you can pair with a cute denim or other jacket. The length isn’t too short or too long—it’s just right. It’s effortless.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a Royal + Reese E-Gift card

There are so many ways to celebrate our momma’s, even without Royal + Reese pieces. We want to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day by also giving you 30% off everything, only on Sunday, Mother's Day with the code: MOTHERSDAY. So, go to church with her, take her to brunch, give her flowers, or just dote on her and make sure she knows you love her on such a special day, a day that you helped her become a MOM!

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